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Development of "Four Series of Waterproof I/O Connectors for Outdoor Use " With Easy Operation and Superior Environmental Resistance

IO connectors

The equipments for the infrastructure serving as a basis of the society are mostly installed outdoors like the mobile phone base stations, and are required to have high reliability even under harsh environmental conditions

I/O (outer interface) connectors used for those outdoor installed equipments are required to have high reliability such as easy and secure connection and environmental resistance.

To meet these demands, JAE has developed this four series of waterproof I/O connectors for outdoor use.

The four series are "FO-BH Series" and "FO-BC Series" with an optical connector, "NT5 Series" with a modular connector, and "JN2/W Series" with an electrical connector.

All series incorporate a connector inside a robust outer shell part.
Easy and secure mating is possible with the one-touch lock, push-to-mate and twist-to-release structure.

Also, they feature superior environmental resistance such as waterproof and corrosion resistance and are ideal for use in a wide range of outdoor applications.


:: Features


Easy operation, secure one-touch lock structure with push-to-mate / twist-to-release operation.
High robustness
Strong cable retention force
Environmental resistance (dustproof, waterproof: IP67, high corrosion resistance)

:: Applicable market


Outdoor equipments in general
(Mobile phone base stations, outdoor communication devices, outdoor security cameras, outdoor image display units, outdoor broadcasting equipments, power-generating facilities,    outdoor lighting, and others)


:: General specifications

  Operating Temperatur : -40 Deg. C + 85 Deg. C
  Mating Cycles : 500 times
  Dustproof and Waterproof Performance : IP67 (when mated)
  Corrosion Resistance : Corrosion resistance of 720 hours in salt spray




FO-BH Series

Compact Outdoor Waterproof Optical Connector
(1 optical fiber / 2 optical fibers)

Mating Area: LC connector
(IEC 61754-20 compliant)
FO-BH: Device inner side
FO-BC: Device inner side, outer side
Insertion Loss: 0.5dB max. / 1 connection
Return Loss: 40dB min. (SM)
25dB min. (MM)

FO-BC Series

Outdoor Waterproof Optical Connector with LC Connector
(2 optical fibers)

NT5 Series

Outdoor Waterproof Electrical Connector with Modular Connector

Mating Area: 8-contact modular connector
(IEC60603-7 compatible)
Transmission characteristic: Cat 5e (TIA/EIA-568-B.1)
Conductor: AWG24 Single Cable
Shield: Compatible

JN2/W Series

Compact Outdoor Waterproof Electrical Connector

No. of Contacts: 15 position
Rated Current: 3A / position
Rated Voltage: 200VAC
Crimp Connection


Information and details given here are as of the date of publication. Please note that the details may be changed.