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Development of Upper-side Mating Type Board-to-cable Connector "ES9 Series" Achieving High Retention Strength in Cable-lifting Direction

ES9 connectors
Along with the diffusion of LED lighting, the demand for power supply connectors for LED mounting board has been increasing.
To meet these demands, JAE has developed the ES9 Series, upper-side mating type board-to-cable connector with a wide range of usage such as power supply.
The "ES9 Series" is an upper-side mating connector with superior operability and the spring lock structure enhances cable retention strength in cable lifting direction and creates a clear click feeling when mated.
The ES9 Series uses cable size 22 to 26 AWG (outer cable diameter: 1.0 to 2.1mm), and the product height is very small as 3.0mm as almost the lowest level in the industry.
It is sure that the ES9 Series could raise the customer's design flexibility for LED lighting, industrial and consumer equipments.

:: Features

  Improved operability through upper-side mating. Easy to visually confirm the connector is mated.
Adopted spring lock structure (mechanical lock) realizes high retention strength in the cable lifting direction, and creates a clear click feeling when mated.
(Cable lifting-direction retention strength: 15N min.)
High contact reliability with a 2-point contact structure.
A low-profile structure with 3.0mm height, almost the lowest level in the industry, for 22 AWG (outer cable diameter: 2.1mm max.)

:: Applicable market

  Various LED lighting devices such as ceiling and base lights, industrial and consumer equipments and others

:: General specifications

  No. of Contacts : 2,4 positions
  Contact Resistance : 30m ohms max.
  Rated Current : AC/DC 4A (2 positions), 3A (4 positions)
  Rated Voltage : 300V
  Mating Cycles : 10 times
  Operating temperature : -40 Deg. C + 105 Deg. C
  Applicable Cable : 22 to 26 AWG (stranded cable), outer cable diameter: 1.0 to 2.1mm
  Insulation Resistance : 10M ohms min.
  Retention Strength : 15N min.

:: Materials and Finishes

Component Item Material and Finish
(Board side)
Insulator LCP resin
Contact Copper alloy / Sn plating
Hold down Copper alloy / Sn plating over Ni
(Cable side)
Housing Nylon resin
Crimp contact Copper alloy / Sn plating

Information and details given here are as of the date of publication. Please note that the details may be changed.