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The Industry's Smallest-in-Class Area and Volume 0.2mm Pitch FPC Connector for Portable Devices"FR02" Has Been Developed

FR02 connectors
In addition to the recent trends for slimming and reduction in size of hand-held devices, the number of components used is increasing due to the incorporation of multiple functions.
Following them, the high-density mounting of electrical components is required and there is a lot of demand for the smaller connectors for space saving of area and volume.
To meet this need, JAE has developed the "FR02 Series", 0.2mm pitch FPC connector, realizing the industry's smallest-in-class area and volume.
The FR02 Series raises the customer's connector layout flexibility for equipment designing with the top and bottom-surface FPC connection, and the insertion area terminals formed into tapered shape to improve FPC insertion guidance.

:: Features

  0.2mm pitch, 0.82mm height, and 3.0mm depth (the industry’s smallest-in-class), rear flip type FPC connector
LIF (Low Insertion Force) structure temporarily holds FPC in place.
Tapered guides in the insertion area for improved FPC insertion guidance.
Compliant with top and bottom-surface FPC connection, and raises the customer's connector layout flexibility.
With a structure that prevents the actuator from coming off and good operational feeling is provided during operation.
Board pattern traces are possible under the connector excluding terminal area.
Pb-free, halogen-free compliant product.
Ni barrier prevents solder wicking.

:: Applicable market

  Smartphones, tablet PCs, portable game devices, digital cameras, and internal FPC connections in other small portable devices.

:: General specifications

  No. of Contacts : 23, 41, 51, and 61 positions
  Contact Resistance (top connection, bottom connection) : initial 120m ohms max., 140m ohms max. after test
  Dielectric Withstanding Voltage : AC250V per minute max.
  Operating Temperatur : -40 Deg. C + 85 Deg. C
  Durability : 20 mating cycles max.
  Rated Current : AC, DC each 0.25A per terminal
  Rated Voltage : AC, DC each 50V per terminal
  Applicable FPC Thickness : 0.2mm ± 0.03mm
  Pitch : 0.2mm staggered pitch

:: Materials and Finishes

Component Material and Finish
Housing Heat-resistant plastic (Black, halogen-free)
Actuator Heat-resistant plastic (White, halogen-free)
Contact Copper alloy / Au plating over Ni 0.1µm min. Au plating

Information and details given here are as of the date of publication. Please note that the details may be changed.