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LCD Interface Connector for Next-generation Notebook PC "HJ1 Series" Has Been Developed

HJ1 series
It is expected that the shift of LCD transmission for notebook PCs to a CPU corresponding to eDP which is a more high-speed transmission standard will accelerate.
Also, along with the evolving high-resolution, the volume of data is expected to increase for LCD panels.
JAE has developed the board-to cable HJ1 Series, horizontal connector corresponding to eDP ver. 1.4(5.4Gbps) as a LCD interface for the next generation notebook PCs and tablet PCs.
To comply with the needs for power supply of LCD and backlight, the HJ1 Series is 0.4mm pitch with mating height of 1.0mm max. and achieves rated current of 1A per position (when using 34AWG) .
Also it realizes a high shielding with multiple ground points for high-speed transmission.

:: Features

  0.4mm pitch, 1.0mm mating height max. and narrow pitch, low-profile board-to-cable connector.
Discrete cable is compatible with 34AWG (1A per position).
Compatible with eDP1.4 (5.4 Gbps) high-speed transmission.
High shielding is realized with multiple ground points.
Can use both coax and discrete wires together.
Pb-free and Halogen-free

:: Applicable market

  LCD panel for notebook PCs and tablet PCs

:: General specifications

  No. of Contacts : 50 positions
  Pitch : 0.4mm
  Applicable Wire : 34AWG to 36AWG (discrete wire)
36AWG to 44AWG (fine wire coaxial)
  Rated Current : AC, DC each 1A per terminal (34AWG)
  Rated Voltage : AC, DC each 100V per terminal
  Insulation Resistance : 1000M ohms min.
  Dielectric Withstanding Voltage : AC250Vr.m.s. for 1 minute
  Contact Resistance : 70m ohms max.
  Operating Temperature : -40 Deg. C + 85 Deg. C

:: Materials and Finishes

Component Material and Finish
Contact Copper alloy / Contact area: Au plating over Ni
Insulator Heat resistant plastic / None
Shell Copper alloy / Au plating over Ni

Information and details given here are as of the date of publication. Please note that the details may be changed.