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Smallest Size in the Industry Single Wire Type 1 Pin Connector, with No Insulator Single Wire Insert-in Type Connector "ES10 Series" Has Been Developed

ES10 series

Along with the demand for environment-friendly products, recently, LED lighting is popular in the market. However, the power supply connection method inside the lighting is in most cases connected by soldering, which rises the challenge of contact reliability in the soldered area, and also the reduction of mounting time.
As a solution for such challenges, JAE has developed the ES10 Series connector with no insulator which enables connection by only inserting in the single wire.
The ES10 Series connector is the smallest in the industry as a single wire cable type 1 pin connector and realizes saving space with the width, depth, and height (2.5mm x 5.1mm x 2.0mm) and will contribute to more design flexibility for customers.
Furthermore, this design does not require soldering, so you can significantly reduce the mounting time. You only need to insert the cable to the connector.


  • Single wire cable structure, 1 pin connector, with 2.5mm width, 5.1mm depth, and 2.0mm height, smallest in the industry in all dimensions.
  • Just need to insert the stripped wire into the connector for connection. No soldering process needed.
  • Compact and low-profile no insulator structure enhances design flexibility for customers.
  • Improved insertion workability with a guiding mechanism at the single wire insertion area.
  • Improved contact reliability with an original spring contact structure.
  • Available in embossed reel packaging for automated mounting.
  • RoHS compatible product.

Applicable market

LED lighting, LCD television back light, tablet PC, and other various hand-held devices.

General specifications

No. of Contacts : 1 pin

Contact Resistance : 30m ohms max.

Rated Current : AC/DC 2A

Operating Temperature : -40 Deg. C ~ + 105 Deg. C

Applicable Cable (Single Wire) : 26 to 24AWG equivalent
 Conductor diameter: 0.4mm dia. to 0.53mm dia.
 Covered diameter: 2.0mm dia. max.

:: Materials and Finishes

Component Material and Finish
Contact Copper alloy / Sn plating
ES10 series Drawing for Reference

Information and details given here are as of the date of publication. Please note that the details may be changed.