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"FO-BD2 Series" Series Waterproof I/O Connector to Make Direct Connection with SFP Transceiver Has Been Developed

FO-BD2 series

Recently in the communication field, introduction of optical transmission has widely spread from the improvement in high-speed, large-volume, and long-distance of the signal transmission.

Also along with the demand for smaller devices, there is an increasing necessity for the module called the SFP transceiver, which converts the optical signal and electrical signal, to connect directly with an external plug. To meet these demands, JAE has developed the FO-BD2 Series waterproof I/O connector that can connect directly with the on-board SFP transceiver and modular jack inside the devices.

The FO-BD2 Series connector contributes to miniaturization of the device and reduction of the number of components used inside them by eliminating internal wiring.
It also features a dual lock method plug with a lock bar that maintains a space from the receptacle side when connected to prevent excessive load being applied to the internal connection area during plug operation.

Furthermore, the FO-BD2 Series connector has superior environmental resistance performance and is ideal for use in a wide range of outdoor applications such as base stations of mobile phones and communication devices.


:: Features

  • Direct connection with the on-board SFP transceiver and modular jack inside devices are possible.
  • Compatible with various types of SFP transceivers.
  • Allows replacement of SFP transceivers from the outside of the device.
  • Dual lock method plug by barrel end bell prevents excessive load to the connection area during disengagement.
  • Can be built-in to the existing harness afterwards. (On-site assembly is possible.)
  • Environmental resistance performance ideal for outdoor applications.

:: Applicable market


Outdoor installed equipments in general
(Mobile phone base stations, outdoor communication devices, outdoor security cameras, outdoor image display devices, outdoor broadcast equipment, etc.)

:: General specifications

Operating Temperature : -40 Deg. C + 85 Deg. C
  Applicable Cable : o7.0mm (Standard Diameter)
  Mating Durability : 500 times
  Cable Clamping Tensile Strength : 100N min.
  Dustproof and Waterproof Performance : IP67 (When mated)
  Salt Mist : 720 hours in salt mist

Information and details given here are as of the date of publication. Please note that the details may be changed.