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More Compact and Low-profile Compared to Our Previous Product 0.64(0.25) Non-waterproof Connector for Automotive SRS Airbag ECU "MX57 A/B Series" Series Has Been Developed

MX57A / B series
Along with the demand of lightweight vehicles for fuel economy and increasing number of parts from the improvement of electrical equipments, the automotive electronic units have been requested to be smaller and lighter. The connectors used in-vehicle have been demanded accordingly.

To meet these demands, JAE has developed the non-waterproof SRS airbag ECU connector (MX57A/B Series) that is more miniaturized than our previous product.

The MX57A / B Series is more compact (connector pitch 2.2mm) and low-profile (height 14.8mm) compared to our previous product and is equipped with a function that forms a short circuit when mated to prevent accidental inflation and rupture of the airbags.

Also the same constant reliability is ensured by the utilization of an existing socket terminal with proven results.

:: Features

  • Number of contacts for MX57A Series is 30 pos. and MX57B Series is 48 pos.
  • Connector with 2.2mm contact pitch, 14.8mm height, staggered alignment board to cable type.
  • Short circuit function to prevent accidental airbag inflation and rupture with the static electricity of the squib line.
  • Two-block product with due considerations for in-vehicle harness layout.
  • The same conventional reliability is ensured by the using of our existing SRS non-waterproof 0.64(0.25) terminal as socket terminal.
  • Connector mating condition can be electrically detected.

:: Applicable market

  Vehicle SRS ECU

:: General specifications

  No. of Contacts : MX57A Series: 30 pos. (26 pos. for signal + 4 pos. for mating detection)
MX57B Series: 48 pos. (44 pos. for signal + 4 pos. for mating detection)
  Contact Resistance : 5m ohms max. (initial: signal terminal)
  Operating Temperature : -40 Deg. C + 80 Deg. C
  Maximum Operating Temperature : 120 Deg. C
(ambient temperature and temperature increase from current load)
  Applicable Wires : AVSS 0.3, AVSS 0.5, AVSSX 0.5f
  Board Mounting Method : SMT for MX57A
Through-hole for MX57B

:: Materials and Finishes

  Pin header
MX57A Series
Component Material and Finish
Pin Housing 40% GF PPS
Pin Terminal Brass / Sn plating
Hold-down Brass / Sn plating

MX57B Series
Component Material and Finish
Pin Housing 40% GF PPS
Pin Terminal Brass / Sn plating

Socket Housing
Component Material and Finish
Socket Housing PPE + PA66
Retainer PPE + PA66
Short Terminal Copper / Sn plating
Mating Detection Terminal Copper / Sn plating
Socket Terminal Copper / Sn plating

Information and details given here are as of the date of publication. Please note that the details may be changed.