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Newly Developed, "JB10 Series" All-plastic, Circular, One-touch Lock Connector

All-plastic, Circular, One-touch Lock Connector JB10 series connector supplied by JAE electronics

JAE has developed a new circular connector -"JB10 Series" with an all-plastic shell and one-touch locking feature.


The JB10 correspond to shielding structure with an integrated press member. The connector utilizes a plastic shell allowing a low-cost solution.


The connector will be offered as a 26 position solution, with IP67 rated dust and waterproof in the mated condition. The connector is ideal for a wide range of multi-core signal applications, such as for factory automation equipment and information/data communication devices.


The jam-nut type receptacle allows for easy chassis mounting, while an O-ring ensures a secure waterproof feature between chassis and receptacle. The receptacle is currently offered as a front-mount, and as on-going development a rear-mount will be offered to cater to different customer requirements.


The connector comes with a straight plug with a simple tool-less termination structure where the shield wires can be terminated easily yet a secure harness assembly.


The cable clamp structure, with a two-point screw lock, secures high cable retention strength.


  • All-plastic, light-weight and low-cost connector.
  • One-touch, push-and-twist, lock mechanism with good operability and vibration resistance.
  • IP67 rated dust and waterproof in mated condition.
  • Internal shielding structure.
  • Tool-less shield termination process for simple harness assembly.
  • Selectable insert orientation - pin or socket insert can be selected based on application requirement.
  • Highly reliable multi-point contact structure for vibration resistance.

Applicable Markets

Machine tools, robotics, servo motors, and various industrial equipment such as communication devices.

General Specifications [New Product]

Items Specifications and Performance
No. of Contacts #22 x 26 pos.
Rated Current 1A / pos. max.
Rated Voltage 100VAC
Dielectric Withstanding Voltage 900VAC (for 1minute)
Insulation Resistance 1000 M ohms min. (500V DC applied)
Waterproof IP67 (when mated)
Termination Specification Crimp Connection (20AWG ~ 28AWG)
Applicable Cable Diameter φ11 ~ φ13 (Straight Plug)
Operating Temperature Range -20Deg. C ~ +125Deg. C
Mating Cycles 100 times

Materials and Finishes

Part Number Component Material / Finish


(Jam Nut Receptacle)


Copper alloy / Au plating


Synthetic resin
Shell Synthetic resin

Hexagon Nut

Synthetic resin
O Ring Synthetic rubber
Shield Copper alloy / Sn plating
C-type Retaining Ring Stainless steel


(Straight Plug)


Copper alloy / Au plating


Synthetic resin
Barrel Synthetic resin

Coupling Nut

Synthetic resin
Endbell Synthetic resin
Ground Nut Synthetic resin
Bushing Synthetic rubber
O Ring Synthetic rubber
Spring Synthetic resin
Shield (for plug) Copper alloy / Sn plating
Shield (for end bell) Copper alloy / Sn plating
Clamp Saddle Aluminum alloy / Zn plating
Screw Steel / Zn plating
Washer Steel / Zn plating

Information and details given here are as of the date of publication. Please note that the details may be changed.