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"HB01 Series" Waterproof Cable-to-Cable Connector for Industrial Machinery Has Been Developed

HB01 series Waterproof Cable-to-Cable Connector for Industrial Machinery by JAE electronics

JAE has recently developed the HB01 Series, a waterproof cable-to-cable connector ideally suited for the industrial machinery market.


As robots and other industrial machinery are becoming increasingly compact, multi-axis, and multi-functional, the installation space for devices such as servo motors is decreasing. This has created a demand for compact, low-profile connectors that have waterproof performance as well as compatibility with applications where board mounting is not possible.


The HB01 Series perfectly meets this demand. The HB01 Series connector features a mechanical lock which withstands vibration and pulling, and also saves space by utilizing a hybrid structure that allows for wiring of both power and signal lines in one connector.


This connector achieves high-waterproof performance (IP67) by sealing the mating area with a seal ring and the cable pull-out area with a grommet inside the connector.


The HB01 Series has a structure that guides the terminals with a rear cover on the back of the connector, and allows for improved harness workability.


To meet the broad variety of customer needs, the HB01 Series is compatible with a wide range of cable sizes, and two barrel sizes can be selected for both power and signal terminals.


  • Hybrid structure for power line and signal line wiring.
  • Mechanical locking structure ensures secure mating.
  • Improved workability with a clear click sound and excellent mating/unmating operation.
  • Improved harness workability.
  • IP67 waterproof when mated.
  • Terminals are compatible with a wide range of cable sizes.

Applicable Markets

Robotics, servo motors, and various industrial machinery such as machine tools.

General Specifications

Number of Contacts 6 (4 power, 2 signal)
Rated Current
(per contact)
Terminal Type Current Cable Size
Power 9A 18 AWG
11A 16 AWG
13A 14 AWG
Signal 2A 24 AWG
3A 22 AWG
4A 20 AWG
Rated Voltage A.C., D.C. 250V
(Power Terminal and Signal Terminal have enhanced insulation structure)
Applicable Cable Terminal Type Barrel Size Cable Size Insulation outer diameter
Power #17 17~19AWG Φ1.6~2.3mm
#14 14~16AWG Φ2.1~2.8mm
Signal #22 22~24AWG Φ1.1~1.5mm
#19 19~21AWG Φ1.2~1.8mm
Contact Resistance 10m ohms max. (initial)
20m ohms max. (after test)
Insulation Resistance 5000M ohms min. (initial)
5000M ohms min. (after test)
Dielectric Withstanding Voltage 1500Vr.m.s
Terminal Retention Strength Power Terminal: 50N min.; Signal Terminal: 30N min.
Mating Cycle 30 times
Operating Temperature -25 Deg. C ~ +85 Deg. C

Materials and Finishes

Insulator PBT
Grommet Silicone rubber
Cover PBT

Seal Ring

Silicone rubber
Contact Copper alloy
Contact area: Au plating over Ni
Connection area: Sn plating over Ni
Others: Ni plating

Information and details given here are as of the date of publication. Please note that the details may be changed.