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New Variation of "KX14/15 Series" 0.8mm Pitch SMT Board-to-Board Connectors

KX14KX15 series 0.8mm Pitch SMT Board-to-Board Connectors by JAE electronics

JAE has added a new variation to the KX14 / 15 Series 0.8mm pitch board-to-board internal connectors which are ideal for a wide variety of applications ranging from consumer devices to industrial equipment.


Industrial equipment, office automation equipment, and communication devices are becoming ever more compact and increasingly multifunctional. With these trends there is an accompanying demand for the variety of connection configurations of general purpose connectors to be more diverse.


To meet this need, JAE has enhanced the product lineup of the widely used KX14 / 15 Series board-to-board connector by expanding the range of horizontal board spacing that can be implemented. The spacing range has been increased from 4mm~9mm (in 1mm increments) to a range of 4mm~12mm. The variations are now standard products available in pin counts from 20 to 80 pins, in 10 pin increments.


With this addition, the KX14 / 15 Series connectors offer even greater flexibility to customers as they design their products and consider their board-to-board spacing requirements.


  • Broad lineup: 20~80 pins (in 10 pin increments), board spacing 4~12mm (in 1mm increments) available as standard products.
  • High contact reliability: Ribbon type contact resistant against twisting.
  • Excellent operability: Secure mating with easy mating guide.
  • Easy mounting: Mounting position ensured with guide on bottom of connector.
  • Secure board retention: Metal hold-downs on both sides enhance board retention during mating and unmating.

Applicable Markets

A wide range of electronic devices including: communication devices, broadcasting equipment, factory automation equipment, medical equipment, and office automation equipment.

General Specifications

Number of Contacts (Standard Item) 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80 positions
Rated Current 0.5A
Contact Resistance 70m ohms max.
Dielectric Withstanding Voltage AC500Vr.m.s (for 1 minute)
Operating Temperature -40 Deg. C to 85 Deg. C
Durability 500 mating cycles

Materials and Finishes

Contact Copper alloy
Contact Area: 0.1µm min. Au plating over Ni
Termination Area: Au flash plating over Ni
Insulator Synthetic resin (94V-0, Black)
Hold-down Copper alloy
Ni over Sn plating, or Sn alloy plating

Hexagon nut (Angle type only)

Brass, Ni plating

Information and details given here are as of the date of publication. Please note that the details may be changed.