World's First Compact Optical Interface Connector for Outdoor Applications with a 3-Axis Floating Structure that Connects to SFP Module with a Single Action FO-BD6 Series has Been Released

SFP Module with a Single Action FO-BD6 series Compact Optical Interface Connector

JAE has developed and begun production of the new FO-BD6 Series outdoor compact optical interface connector. This connector features a three-axis floating structure that enables connection in just a single action with SFP (Small Form-factor Pluggable) modules which are on mobile phone base stations.


The FO-BD6 Series is a compact, waterproof, lightweight connector that allows for a reduction in size and weight of various outdoor-installed equipment, and improves connection operability in the field.


* Mass-production of a connector with a three-axis floating structure supporting SFP that can engage in a single action.
 (Based on our survey October 26, 2016)


Modern base stations for mobile phone communication are connected using optical networks, and the interfaces connecting these vast networks are compatible with the SFP standard module for converting electrical signals to optical signals.


Since base stations are installed mainly outdoors and in high places like building rooftops and telephone poles, connectors need to be waterproof, compact, lightweight, but also easy to use. However, conventional connectors for base stations and optical networks require an inconvenient two-step process to connect: one action to connect the optical connector, and another action to connect the protective waterproof structure.


With these requirements in mind, we leveraged our past experience with optical connector development and succeeded in developing and mass producing the new FO-BD6 Series compact optical interface connector. The FO-BD6 Series supports SFP modules and is the world's first product that connects in a single-action, made possible by its three-axis floating structure.


The FO-BD6 Series connect base stations and optical networks in a single-action and supports SFP modules, while featuring excellent protection against the elements. This connector is dustproof and waterproof, as well as resistant to extreme cold and severe heat.


The FO-BD6 Series also contributes to a reduction in size and weight of the base station equipment and improves connection operability in the field with its plastic connector body.


A jam nut mounted receptacle type is available in addition to the 4-point flange type, offering engineers greater flexibility to meet customer design needs.


The FO-BD6 Series connector is not only ideal for base stations of mobile phones, but is also an ideal connector for use in a wide range of outdoor applications, such as security cameras and a myriad of IoT sensor modules.


JAE plans to continue developing new connectors with excellent environment-resistant performance that can be used in outdoor applications, such as for optical interfaces on next generation 5G wireless communication standard base stations which are thriving in the IoT age.


  • Single-action connection with SFP module.
  • IP67 waterproof performance.
  • Space-saving compact design, including applicable cable length.
  • Plastic connector body allows for lighter equipment.

Applicable Markets

Base stations for mobile phones and smartphones.
Outdoor installed equipment such as security cameras.


Applicable Connector LC compatible connector

Optical Performance
Insertion loss < 0.5dB (SMF, MMF)
Return loss > 40dB (SMF)
> 25dB (MMF)



Mechanical Performance

Repeated Operation 100 times
Locking Strength 200N
Cable Tensile Strength 100N
Applicable Plug Cable φ5mm

Environmental Performance
Operating Temperature -40 Deg. C to +85 Deg. C (Connector)
Dustproof and Waterproof Performance IP67
Corrosion Resistance 1,000 hours in salt mist
Weather Resistant Test ISO4892-2 Xenon Lamp 1,500 Hours

Information and details given here are as of the date of publication. Please note that the details may be changed.