Combo Type 3-in-2 Card Connector ST19 Series Allowing Simultaneous Use of Two Different Card Types Has Been Launched

Combo Type 3 in2 Card type Connector ST19 Series Allowing Simultaneous Use of Two Different Card Types has Been Launched by JAE electronics

JAE has developed and launched the "ST19 Series" compact and slim combo 3-in-2 type connector compatible with nano SIM cards and microSD cards for mobile devices like smartphones.



For mobile devices such as smartphones, there is a growing demand to use multiple SIM cards on one device.


At the same time, adoption of nano SIM cards, which are more compact than the conventional micro SIM card is increasing rapidly to meet the demands for compact and slim wireless devices.


In addition, along with the increase in number of the cards equipped, including micro SD cards, and requirements for space saving of the parts installed, JAE has now developed and begun sales of a compact and slim combo 3-in-2 type card connector.


The ST19 Series is a push-eject type card connector that is compatible with two patterns of card installation. It can accept two nano SIM cards or a combination of one nano SIM card and one microSD card.


Adopting this combo 3-in-2 type will eliminate the need to equip several card connectors, and therefore will contribute to space saving for the mobile device design.


Moreover, the ST19 series also has a structure that prevents tray mis-insertion and contact breakage caused by empty card adapter or empty tray insertion and removal. This helps to realize improved ease-of-use for the mobile device users.


:: Features

  • Compact and slim design with 28.15mm depth, 17.49mm width, and 1.3mm height
  • Compatible with 2 patterns of card installations (nano SIM + nano SIM, nano SIM + micro SD)
  • Push-eject tray type
  • With tray detection switch (normally-closed types)
  • Contact buckling prevention
  • Includes tray mis-insertion countermeasure
  • Compatible with nano SIM cards that are manually cut to size by user

:: Applicable Markets

  • Smartphones, tablets, notebook PCs, and other compact wireless devices.

:: General Specifications

No. of Contacts 20 pos.
Operating Temperature -40 Deg. C to +85 Deg. C
Contact Resistance 100m ohms max. (initial)
Durability 2,500 times
Rated Current 0.5A
Rated Voltage 10V
Insulation Resistance 1000M ohms min. (initial)
Dielectric Withstanding Voltage AC 500Vr.m.s for 1 minute


:: Materials and Finishes

Components Material / Finish
Contact Copper alloy / Au plating
Housing Heat Resistant Plastic
Cover Frame Stainless / partial Au plating
Detection Switch Copper alloy / Au plating
Eject Lever Stainless steel
Eject Bar Stainless steel

Information and details given here are as of the date of publication. Please note that the details may be changed.