FO-BD7 Series, Outdoor Environmentally Resistant Optical Connector with Thermal Management Design

FO-BD7 Series, Outdoor Environmentally Resistant Optical Connector with Thermal Management Design

September 3, 2020
JAE has launched an optical communication connector, FO-BD7 Series, for outdoor equipment, such as 5G base stations. The product incorporates an optical module (*SFP+, SFP28, etc.) in the plug connector and is capable of suppressing thermal influence.

With the spread of 5G, there is a growing demand for high performing miniaturized base stations that can be installed in compact spaces. With base stations becoming smaller thermal management becomes a key point in connector design. Especially as base station, which communicate with core networks, have designed in optical modules which can easily be affected by heat. This tends to be a common problem while designing base stations. At times, optical modules require replacement once the base station is installed and as this being a complex process the expectation relies on easier connector replacement.
To cater to these demands we have launched, FO-BD7 Series, an outdoor environmentally resistant optical connector, where the plug connector has an optical module incorporated for heat dissipation.

In this product the optical module is incorporated into the plug connector, where the optical module is standardly installed inside the base station. Our thermal analysis simulations show that the product design secures thermal conduction route improving the heat dissipation of the optical module, providing a solution for thermal management design within the equipment.

With the optical module embedded into the plug connector the operation of replacing the optical module within a base station becomes that much simpler.
Besides base stations, this product can be considered for various outdoor devices, such as surveillance cameras.
JAE plans to continue developing new connectors with excellent environment-resistant performance which can be used for outdoor applications, such as optical interfaces connectors for 5G base stations.

Note*: SFP+, SFP28: Optical transceiver Standard

Thermal Characteristics

Thermal Characteristics

Replacement Operation

Optical modules can be easily replaced while ensuring reliability
Replacement Operation ofFO-BD7


  • Thermal countermeasure by installing an optical module within the plug connector
  • Seamless optical module replacement process
  • IP67 rated water / dust ingress protection
  • Environmental resistance ideal for outdoor applications

Applicable Market

Base stations for mobile devices, - Outdoor installed equipment, such as security cameras.

General Specifications

Operating Temperature -20°C ~ +65°C (Individual connector)
Applicable Cable Diameter Φ5mm
Durability Mating area: 50 times
LC Connector area: 100 times
Cable Clamp Strength 100N min.
Ingress Protection IP67 (when mated)
Corrosion Resistance 1,000 hours of salt spray

Materials and Finishes


Component Material and Finishes
Shell Zinc alloy / Cr plating over Ni over Cu
O Ring Synthetic rubber


Component Material and Finishes
Cage Copper alloy / Ni plating (partially Au plating)


Component Material and Finishes
Barrel Zinc alloy / Cr plating over Ni over Cu
Ground Nut Weather resistant resin
Bushing Synthetic rubber
O Ring Synthetic rubber

Waterproof Cap for Receptacle

Component Materials and Finishes
Cap Weather resistant resin

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