New MX72C / D Series Self-Rejecting Squib Connectors for the Automotive SRS (No Shorting Bar) Has Been Launched

New MX72C / D Series Self-Rejecting Squib Connectors for the Automotive SRS (No Shorting Bar)

January 20, 2021
JAE announces the launch of the MX72C / D Series, a squib connector for automotive SRS devices that conforms to the interface standard with omitted shorting bar (shunt-less) (Note 1), and is becoming popular in Europe and the United States.

Recent changes to automotive passenger safety requirements worldwide is serving as a catalyst to an increased level of collision safety performance, especially in Europe and the United States is expected to grow. In addition to the common SRS devices found in a vehicle, new applications such as knee, thorax and pedestrian airbags have begun to trend in an effort to ensure human safety. In the event of a collision, the safety performance of a vehicle’s SRS relies on the ability of the airbag to minimize passenger and driver injury at the time of impact, and the ability of seat belt pre-tensioners (Note 2) to secure occupant position in quick deceleration.

In cases where pyrotechnic inflators activate airbags or initiate seat belt tension, SRS squib connectors conforming to the AK2 standard are common in Europe and the United States. However, there is increased demand for SRS squib connectors without a shorting bar (shunt-less) and are generally referred to as the AK3 type. For this interface standard, the receptacle retainer is without a shorting bar, and the key shape is different from that of the AK2 standard connector.

To cater to these demands, we have developed and launched the MX72C / D Series connector without a shorting bar, which have a self-rejecting CPA mechanism that enables secure engagement in a single operation.

Similar to the successful MX72A/B series, the MX72C/D is a self-rejecting squib connector with CPA functionality for the SRS and is designed to the OEM by detecting and preventing incomplete mating through the use of a single spring. It provides positive audible and tactile feedback to confirm complete engagement in a single operation, which improves workability and contributes to improved reliability and performance of SRS devices. In addition, four colored key code types are available to prevent incorrect mating within complex vehicle systems where a variety of SRS devices may be used.

We will continue to expand variations of squib connectors for SRS devices and further provide solutions for passenger vehicle safety.

*This product is sold only as a cable harness and is not provided as an individual connector.
Note 1) Interface standard: ISO-19072-5 and USCAR 999-U-002-1-Z04
Note 2) Seat belt pre-tensioners: A mechanism that secures and protects passengers in their seats by removing slack from the seat belt during a vehicle collision.


  • Reliable self-rejecting squib connector with CPA functionality
  • Convenient quick connect and quick disconnect design
  • Non-intrusive test probe apertures provide quick quality assurance testing
  • 4 colored key codes prevent incorrect SRS device mating
  • Gold plated female terminals provide stable 3-points of contact reliability
  • Applicable wire sizes include 0.35mm2, 0.50mm2
  • Polarized and kojiri (scoop proof) designed to prevent pin damage on insertion
  • Clear audible and tactile feedback for connection assurance
  • Gaps and apertures minimalized to protect from dust and debris ingress

MX72C / D Series, Key shape for each mating side retainer (No shorting bar) and Structure

Applicable Market

Airbag inflators, seat belt pre-tensioners and retractors,
Automotive safety restraint systems (SRS)

General Specifications

Number of Contacts 2 positions
Applicable Standard USCAR-2, USCAR-21
Operating Temperature Range -40°C~+100°C
Connector Insertion Force 45 N max.
Contact Resistance 10mΩ max.
Applicable Wire FLRY B 0.35mm2, 0.50mm2

Materials and Finishes

MX72C Angle Socket Connector

Component Material / Finish
Socket housing PBT-GF15%
Cover PBT-GF15%
Slider POM
Spring Music wire
Ferrite NiZn

MX72D Straight Socket Connector

Component Material / Finish
Socket housing PBT-GF15%
Cover 1 PBT-GF15%
Cover 2 PBT-GF15%
Slider POM
Collar POM
Spring Music wire
Ferrite NiZn

Common Socket Terminal

Component Material / Finish
Socket terminal Copper alloy / partial Au plating

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