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JAE’s capabilities in automatic machine high-speed connector production for small devices.

  • 2020/07/30

KW04 Series CCS Type 2 EV Charging Connector Interface Replacement Instruction

  • 2020/05/18

MX80 Compact, Waterproof Connector Series

  • 2020/05/18

Product Releases

FO-BD7 Series, Outdoor Environmentally Resistant Optical Connector with Thermal Management Design

  • 2020/09/03

JAE Announces Launch of the WP66DK Series Their Smallest Board-to-board (FPC) Connector Yet.

  • 2020/08/20

The WP26DK Series Robust Board-to-board Connector with Power Supply Terminals

  • 2020/06/25

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No.42 | 2020.03