Products Tested to Automotive Specifications Open New Opportunities

March 26, 2024

JAE has expanded the possible applications for its lineup of highly successful ICT (information communication technology) connectors, originally developed for devices such as PCs and smartphones, by testing them to automotive specifications. These connectors have outstanding performance in key areas including high-speed communication, space-saving, and reliability. The first set of automotive spec tested connectors to be announced are the board-to-board connectors of the WP26DK Series and the USB Type-C® (*1) connectors of the DX07 Series. JAE will continue to expand its lineup of ICT products that are tested against automotive specifications in the future.

Products tested to automotive specs, compatible with high temperatures of 105-125°C

WP26DK Series
(Board-to-board connectors)

DX07 Series
(USB Type-C connectors)


As the transition to electric vehicles and higher on board computing advances, layouts in vehicles are becoming increasingly more modular, as in PCs and other commercial devices, creating a need for connectors to electrically connect internal boards within a control units as well as connect a control units to other units. The control units have to process a greater number of signals and data, so connectors need to support high-speed transmission and higher pin counts while taking up less space.
In ICT device applications such as smartphones and PCs, JAE has had abundant success with compact and high-density connectors compatible with high-speed communication. We have conducted automotive spec tests for these connectors and verified that there are no problems.
JAE has begun to sell the board-to-board WP26DK Series and the USB Type-C DX07 Series, into applications requiring automotive performance including high operating-temperatures up to 105-125°C. JAE also plans to continually release automotive spec tested connectors for microSD (*2) cards, micro SIM cards, and nano SIM cards in the future.

JAE will utilize the technologies previously cultivated for commercial applications to provide higher performance and greater space saving solutions in new applications.

<Various card connectors planned for future expansion>

ST1-T Series
(Connectors for microSD cards)

SF15 Series
(Connectors for micro SIM cards)

SF72 Series
(Connectors for nano SIM cards)


(WP26DK Series)

  • Board-to-board connectors with 0.35-mm pitch, two rows, stacking height 0.6 mm, and width 1.9 mm
  • Heat resistant up to 125°C, cleared automotive spec tested
  • Two power supply terminals capable of transmitting 3.0 A (also serving as hold-downs)
  • Hold-downs with robust (full armor) structure that suppresses mold breakage during mating
  • Proven 2-point contact structure with high contact reliability
  • Good workability through tactile feedback during mating
  • Nickel barrier on contacts prevents solder wicking
  • Compliant with communication standards: MIPI, USB4® (*1), PCIe Gen 4

(DX07 Series)

  • Compliant with Universal Serial Bus Type-C Cable and Connector Specification Release 2.3
  • Heat resistant up to 125°C, cleared automotive spec tested
  • Compatible with super-speed communication at 10 Gbps × 2 (20 Gbps) (USB 3.2 compliant)
  • Compatible with USB PD EPR (maximum 240 W (5 A/48 V))
  • Reversible structure, allowing insertion regardless of plug orientation
  • Lock structure with outstanding durability

*1: USB Type-C® and USB4® are registered trademarks of USB Implementers Forum
*2: microSD is a trademark of SD Association

Information and details given here are as of the date of publication. Please note that the details may be changed.