XFMEXPRESS™ Memory Device Connector SN01 Series (Under Development)

XFMEXPRESS™  Memory Device Connector SN01 Series
XFMEXPRESS™ Memory Device Connector SN01 Series


    Recently, requirements for larger storage capacity in a small package are growing for ICT devices. Therefore, JAE is developing the SN01 Series connector for XFMEXPRESS memory devices. XFMEXPRESS is a removeable NVMe memory device technology developed by KIOXIA Corporation, formerly Toshiba Memory Corporation, for PC’s, IoT devices and various other mobile applications. The SN01 Series connector is compatible with up to 4 lanes of PCIe® Gen 4 (16GT/s) high speed data, and uses a hinge type cover to securely hold the memory device while maintaining a compact size.

   JAE will continue to provide connectors that meet customer needs for next-generation high-speed transmission and miniaturization.
   Note1) PCIe is a registered trademark of PCI-SIG
   Note2) PCIe Gen 4 : Peripheral Component Interconnect Express 


  • Hinge type mechanism is easy to operate in a small space
  • Reliable lock structure prevents cover from opening if device is dropped
  • Enhanced heat dissipation structure
  • Contact design compatible with high speed transmission

General Specifications

Contacts 39 pos.
Contact Resistance 100mΩ max.
Voltage Proof AC500 Vr.m.s. for 1 minute
Insulation Resistance 100MΩ min.
Durability 5,000 cycles
Operating Temperature Range -25℃~+85℃


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