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SMART DM One 175℃ / 185℃


Ruggedized directional module designed for continuous downhole operation. Engineered for utmost quality & reliability, using JAE’s proprietary sensor technology, the SMART DM is a full-featured system. It has the ability to measure dynamic inclination and azimuth, multi-axis shock and vibration, and downhole RPM for optimized drilling performance. With the addition of an optional integrated Azimuthal Gamma Controller feature, the SMART DM is a “plug & play” solution for most current & legacy Directional Modules, while incorporating the latest technology.
The SMART DM One is installed with an MWD MPU supporting surface communication by controlling pulser and communicates with gamma, resistivity as well as other downhole sensors.

Technical Resources

     175 °C SMART DM Data Sheet
     185 °C SMART DM Data Sheet

Directional Module
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Common Features

  • Operating temperature to 175 °C
  • High accuracy quartz accelerometers
  • Survey grade fluxgate magnetometer
  • Compact design providing short chassis length
  • Smart power management, efficient battery switching
  • M-ary telemetry protocol
  • Inter-tool communication protocols: CAN, Q-bus
  • Control MWD tool string: pulser, gamma and resistivity
  • Drilling dynamics: Axial and lateral vibration, Temperature, Inclination measurement while drilling, Rotation detection, RPM

185℃ SMART DM Key Features

  • 185 °C Operating Temp and 190 °C Survival
  • ≈20% reduction in power consumption vs existing model
  • High accuracy robust quartz accelerometers
  • Same external dimensions and pin-outs as 175 °C SMART DM
Smart DM 185℃


  • Directional and horizontal wells
  • Geothermal Drilling
  • Unconventional and conventional plays
  • Steam assisted gravity drainage
  • Custom downhole applications
     SMART DM Core
     SMART DM Plus
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