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Azimuthal Gamma Controller


Azimuthal Gamma flyer-draft7

The Azimuthal Gamma Controller works by correlating incoming gamma readings with the direction the sensor is facing (toolface) when the counts were received. The Azimuthal Gamma Controller feature can be added to existing SMART DMs and will work with most shielded gamma sensors to provide both real-time and recorded Azimuthal Gamma data

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- Available as an upgrade to existing SMART DMs Measurement
- Compatibility with most gamma detectors
- High Speed Azimuthal Binning
- High Resolution 16-bin Azimuthal Gamma data
- Configurable real-time parameters (U/D, Hot/Cold, 3 bin, 4 bin, etc.)
- No added length to the toolstring
- High Temp reliability
(utilizing the proven high temp reliability of the SMART DM)

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