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“JL10 Series Expansion”: Circular Connectors for Servo Motors, Robots, Machine Tools and Other Industrial Equipment

Japan Aviation Electronics Industry (JAE) had developed the JL10 Series, a MIL standard screw mating and one-touch locking hybrid circular waterproof connectors, to offers to a wide range of customers as an interface for industrial equipment. The one-touch lock mating allows for more efficient operation than a screw mating type, as the reliable mating does not loosen even in a vibrating environment and prevents any type of ingress. These products are used for industrial equipment common with circular connectors conforming to *MIL-DTL-5015 standards, but more recently there have been an increasing demand for miniaturization while maintaining robustness, improved operability and reliability of conventional products. By adopting an original contact arrangement that differs from the MIL standard, we have been able to develop new products that are more compact than the conventional JL10 connectors.

New Arrangements
18-A6 (6-contacts):contact configuration ♯12×4-contacts & ♯ 20×2-contacts combination
22-A6 (6-contacts) : contact configuration ♯ 8×4 -contacts & ♯ 20×2-contacts combination

*MIL-DTL-5015: Circular connector standard widely used in industrial applications

JL10 Series New Arrangement

JL10 series connectors are mainly used for servo motors, and with the automation of equipment the brake function, which was conventionally optional, has become a standard on the motor. We have newly developed a JL10 6-contacts connector that combines a power supply with a brake. By developing an original contact arrangement outside of the MIL standard and miniaturizing it frees up space around the motor which contributes to the increase of internal wiring and the improvement of robot design and performance.

Size comparison with conventional products

When combining power supply and brake, it was necessary to have a connector one size larger than that of a power supply alone. By using the newly developed original composite type the size can be reduced to the same shell size as that of the power supply.

Circular Connector for Industrial  Equipment
Circular Connector for Industrial  Equipment

*Caution: These JL10 6-contacts JAE original contact arrangements and will not mated with MIL-DTL-5015 standard compliant products.

Overview of the JL10 Series

The JL10 Series products have screw threads and one-touch bayonet-style hybrid locking structures on the receptacle, which will mate with either a threaded or a one-touch bayonet-style plug connectors. With the outer dimensions and the mounting hole dimensions of the receptacle meeting conventional MIL-standard the interface can be upgraded a one-touch locking-type by simply replacing the connector without changing the design of the device body.

Circular Connector for Industrial  Equipment
Circular Connector for Industrial  Equipment

Features of JL10 Connectors

  • One-touch bayonet lock-style mating to allows secure mating even in narrow operating spaces or areas with poor visibility. Superior connector operability improves mating and unmating function (Eliminating the need of screw-tightening and torque control ).
  • JL10 receptacle is a one-touch / threaded mating hybrid type. One-touch mating: When mated with JL10 plug Screw mating: When mated with MIL-standard MS connector, and JAE standard N/MS-A/B Series, JL04V Series or JA*A Series using J1 type plug.
  • Solder and crimp termination are available for receptacle cable connections
    Crimp arrangement offered in: 18-10, 22-22, 32-17, 18-A6, 22-A6 arrangements
  • Low profile and compact design angle-plug can be set in 8 different orientations in 45°increments.
  • Same cable clamp as that of JL04V Series.
  • UL recognized and TÜV certified products.
  • Receptacles are offered with IP67 rated water and dustproof. Individual ingress protection (denoted as-2E) and ingress protection in mated condition (denoted as-2A).
  • Superior environmental performance against vibration and oil ingress.
  • The 18-A6 and 22-A6 arrangements are a composite types with 4 power and 2 signal pins.
    However, please take caution as these two products are JAE's original contact arrangement and are not compatible with MIL-DTL-5015 compliant products.
Circular Connector for Industrial  Equipment
Circular Connector for Industrial  Equipment

JL10 Series Arrangement and General Specifications

Circular Connector for Industrial  Equipment
Circular Connector for Industrial  Equipment

*Crimp type receptacles in 18-10, 22-22, 32-17 and 18-A6, 22-A6 arrangements
* Inverted contact population developed for 28-11 and 28-21 arrangements
  (female receptacle, male plug)
*Please contact our sales representative for details on developed product.

Detail of JL10 Series


Please note that a MIL-standard MS-connector compatible receptacles will not mate with a JL10 plugs.

Circular Connector for Industrial  Equipment

*JL10 Series connectors are dustproof and waterproof in mated condition.

We Offer Connectors of Various Standards and Types for Industrial Equipment such as Servo Motors, Robots, and Machine Tools.

In the future, there will be an increasing demand for improved assembly operability and reliability for equipment. “JL10 Series” can be considered to be a useful connector for your application needs.
Please contact us for additional details.

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