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Environmental Report 2010

Reducing Usage of Materials

In an effort to use materials more efficiently, measures that reduce the amount (percentage) that becomes waste after being introduced into the manufacturing stage are being promoted. An introduction to the effective use efforts for the main materials is provided below.


Measures are underway for reducing the amount of materials used and waste generated by revising the width of metal materials used in presses. In addition, efforts are being made to reduce the introduction of new materials by using recycled materials for molding.


The reduction of molding materials is underway by reducing unnecessary spoolers/runners that are discharged when extracting molded products; improving the number gates, mold shape, and positioning; and switching from coiled runners to hot runners.


Efforts are being continually pursue a reduction in the size of machining (cutting) material on large machining systems. By reducing the amount of cutting as far as possible based on accumulated know how, a reduction of 1,238 kg was achieved, greatly exceeding the 880 kg targeted for FY 2009. In addition, CO2 emissions were indirectly cut 5.5 tons because the energy required in the production process for metal materials was reduced.