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Environmental Report 2010

Managing Chemical Substances Contained in Products

Status of Green Procurement

In order to establish environmental preservation across the entire supply chain, the JAE Group is aiming to create a system that cooperates with customers and does not cause environment problems. Environmental quality is also being checked for the customer's customers and so on down the line when processes thought to be particularly crucial are involved.

In addition, an environmental management plan is created for checking environmental quality each year and its progress is monitored. The results of the FY 2009 environmental management plan are as shown below. As you can see, results exceeding target values are being achieved.
 ・Number of customers for which environmental quality was checked in FY 2009: 303
  companies compared to the 286 originally targeted

Certification of Environmental Advisors

In FY 2004, the JAE Group introduced a certification system for Environmental Advisors responsible for checking the environmental quality at suppliers. Under this system, only people who undergo the necessary training and pass a test receive certification. In FY 2009, 29 new Environmental Advisors were certified in Japan and overseas. As a result, some 280 of these advisors are now active checking environmental quality at suppliers in Japan and overseas as of the end of March 2010.

Management of Chemical Substance Content

Newly developed products, such as connectors, are managed in a proprietary environmental database after obtaining certificates and analysis data for them in order to check environmental compliance and apply it to designs.

 In addition, x-ray fluorescence spectrometers are being installed at plants in Japan and overseas to analyze hazardous substances in incoming inspection, initial product inspections, and other inspections, thereby building a management system that does not intake or output environmentally problematic products.

 Furthermore, in order to check the status of the building of the environmental quality management system, efforts have been made to conduct internal environmental quality audits each year starting from 2006 and to maintain and enhance the system.