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Environmental Audits

The JAE Group's integrated environmental management system is undergoing its fifth ISO 14001 renewal audit since receiving integrated certification in August 2005. Once again, in an internal environment quality audit last year, a particular emphasis was placed on measures to address climate change, and it was carried out with attention also paid to the roles and responsibilities of various managers and officers and to verify continuity upon personnel changes from the standpoint of preventing risks.
●Results of ISO14001 renewal audit
The FY 2010 ISO14001 renewal audit covered the three years from the previous renewal audit (2007) to this year's (2010). Renewal was approved based on the finding that the JAE Group's environment management system continues to be comprehensive and effective. However, some opportunities for improvement were cited, including environmental aspects, objectives/goals/implementation plans, and operation/management.
●Results of internal environmental audits
In the JAE Group's internal environmental audits in FY 2010, the most frequent citations where in the area of operation/management, followed by citations relating to competence, education/training, and awareness. The citation details this year differed from last year in that nearly half were regarding the competency table. A qualitative improvement over last year can be inferred from the details of these citations. Although, a look at the types of citations reveals that the ratio of non-compliance items to observed items was higher than previous years, this was only due to stricter auditing standards.
For non-compliance in internal audits, corrective measures were taken without delay to prevent recurrences. In addition, the results of internal environmental audits were reported to the executive officer in charge of the group's environmental management and reflected in revisions to the management system.
The FY 2010 environmental quality audits were performed self-evaluation style by environmental advisors. There were a large number of favorable assessments within the auditing results, and this indicates that both systems and operations have reached a certain level of completeness in terms of environment quality. However, the JAE Group is determined to realize further improvements, to make its audits even stricter in order to comply with external auditing practices, and to further upgrade its systems. 

■FY 2010 ISO14001 renewal audit
Site Strong points Citations
Category A Category B Opportunities for improvement
JAE Group, JAE, HAE, and SAE sites 0 instances 0 instances 0 instances 22 instances
■FY 2010 internal environmental audits
Site Strong points Citations
Non-complying Borderline Requests
JAE Group and all sites 15 instances 3 instances 42 instances 28 instances
■FY 2010 environmental quality internal audits
Site Assessments by self-checking method using designated questions (%) (Note 1)
◯(Note 2) △(Note 3) ×(Note 4) Not applicable
JAE sites 81.6 18.4 0.0 20.0
HAE, YAE, FAE, and SAE sites 89.4 8.5 2.1 12.4
Note 1: The values for ◯, △, and × are percentages for all questions minus the non-applicable portion.
Note 2: For ◯, the evidence for prescribed maintenance and an implementation records is 100% confirmed.
Note 3: △ indicates cases other than ◯ and ×.
Note 4: × indicates cases where there are clearly no prescriptions or implementation records. 

FY 2010 ISO14001 renewal audit
JAE sites
HAE sites
SAE sites

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