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Environmental Report 2009

Building a More Sustainable Society

Environmental Management

The Environmental Policy of the JAE Group declares that the group "will contribute to the attainment of a prosperous, sustainable society by fulfilling its corporate social responsibility through environmentally friendly business activities and respect for the natural environment and biodiversity." True to this commitment, JAE is working to make environmental initiatives an integral part of all of its business activities. Group-wide, JAE is taking a variety of steps to reduce environmental impact, build stronger systems for managing environmental risk, and use resources more efficiently by, for instance, using fewer raw materials. 

Yasutaka Akiyama, President

Contributing to the Fight against Global Warming

The fight against global warming is becoming a pressing issue worldwide. Vigorous debates on the setting of long-term objectives and the post-Kyoto era (setting of objectives from FY 2013 onward) took place at last year's Hokkaido Toyako Summit and this year's L'Aquila Summit among other venues. In June this year, Japan declared that it would cut its greenhouse gas emissions 15% (to FY 2005 levels) by FY 2020.
Even after the start of FY 2008 saw the beginning of the worst business environment in a century, JAE has been steadfast in its promotion of environmental management activities, including the fight against global warming.
JAE introduced energy-saving measures at its facilities at a relatively early stage and has been successful in cutting CO2 emissions. The company has also been attempting to build on this by focusing even more than before on each employee's awareness and on industrial measures, and is moving forward with a broad perspective. JAE will concentrate the group's efforts on the fight against global warming and foster awareness and participation by all employees to develop activities that have an impact. It will also extend the fight against global warming to commuting and the home, and practice environmentally friendly behavior.   
In the past several years, there has been a shift toward understanding environmental issues in terms of biodiversity. The term biodiversity was included in the title of the Japanese government's 2009 environmental report, Whitepaper on the Environment: The Sound Material-Cycle Society and Biodiversity in FY 2009, and plans are in place to hold the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity in Nagoya in 2010. It is believed that the perspective of biodiversity will become increasingly important in coming years.
JAE is not in an industry sector directly connected with the ecosystem, but it strongly believes that it can contribute to biodiversity through such efforts as lowering the company's environmental impact, starting with fighting global warming and nurturing the JAE Group Forest, established in Tokyo's Okutama region in 2004 as a symbol of the group's environmental policies.
We request your assistance and support in our continuing efforts to improve our environmental activities based on this philosophy.