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Environmental Report 2009

Status of the Environmental Management System

JAE Group Environmental Policy

Environmental Management System

The JAE Group pushes ahead with its daily environmental conservation activities using an environmental management system built in compliance with the ISO 14001 standard. All domestic and overseas production sites have completed the certification process.

Status of the Environmental Management System

Implementing System
The JAE Group environmental management system for implementing environmental management activities throughout the group consists of the JAE Group Environmental Management Liaison Committee and Environmental Management Committees at the individual sites. 
The JAE Group Environmental Management Liaison Committee, a decision-making body made up of the JAE Executive Officer in Charge of Environmental Management, the JAE Manager of Production Support and Environmental Planning Division, and the Presidents of domestic production subsidiaries, sets forth policy and plans for the JAE Group as a whole and deliberates other matters. Video conferencing is also used to increase efficiency. 
The Environmental Management Committees of each site are the centers for day-to-day operation of the environmental management system. They monitor achievement status for the environmental management plan, decide specific environmental targets and objectives, and deliberate important environmental issues and other matters. They entrust the formulation of specific target values and measures to specialized subcommittees formed to investigate a particular environmental issue.

ISO 14001 Certification Status

●Domestic Sites
Since the JAE Akishima Plant first acquired ISO 14001 certification in August 1998, coverage has expanded year by year. Now all production sites have certification, and JAE has brought in sales divisions and staff company-wide as well. FY 2005 marked the shift to a multisite system covering all the group's domestic sites. In FY 2006, the multisite system was completed, incorporating the last remaining regional sales company sites to cover all group operations within Japan.

●Domestic Sites
After August 2005
Group Company Certification Date Certification Body Certification Number
JAE Hirosaki
JAE Yamagata
JAE Fuji
JAE Shinshu
Nikko Logistics
JAE Hakko
JAE Business Support
(renewed August 26,2005)

●Overseas Sites
Group Company Certification Date Certification Body Certification Number
JAE Taiwan 2001.03.22 Bureau of Standards, Meteorology and Inspection (BSMI),
Ministry of Economic Affairs Taiwan, R.O.C.
JAE Wuxi 2005.11.24 SGS-CSTC Standards Technical Services CO., LTD. CH05/0838
JAE Wujiang 2003.10.22 SGS United Kingdom Ltd CN06/00131EM
JAE Hong Kong 2004.09.02 SGS United Kingdom Ltd HK04/62758
JAE Philippines 2003.01.30 TÜV Management Service GmbH TUV104050565
JAE Oregon 2003.08.20 Underwriters Laboratories Inc. A12142