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Environmental Education for Internal Environmental Quality Auditors

In FY 2008, follow-up training for Internal Environmental Quality Auditors used video conferencing for the first time on a trial basis, enabling the outsourced instructor to reach multiple sites, including those of affiliates, from a remote location. This enabled a high 86% attendance rate (69 attendees) among all auditors. In a questionnaire, responses were mostly positive, but there was also no lack of suggestions for future issues. Such questionnaires will be used to improve future training.
Training of Internal Environmental Quality Auditors
(Using Video Conferencing System) 

Environmental Auditing

The JAE Group's integrated environmental management system is undergoing its fourth ISO 14001 renewal inspection since receiving integrated certification in August 2005. In an internal environment quality audit this year, group environmental auditing policy was modified and group rules were unified to address the items raised by a management review, namely the inclusion of an auditing procedure and the increasing of auditing efficiency. Emphasis was also placed on checking environment advisors for internal audits on environment quality in an effort to make inspections more efficient.
●Inspection Results
The FY 2008 ISO 14001 renewal inspection was carried out in each auditing division to verify the system's effectiveness and continual improvement. Inspection results showed that the JAE Group's environmental management system (EMS) continues to comprehensively satisfy ISO 140001 environmental management standards. However, in the opportunities for improvement section, it was noted that top-down items such as reducing raw materials use should be reported in environmental impact assessments. This needs to be incorporated as an EMS issue.
The JAE Group's internal environmental audits were the first to be standardized according to group rules. They were an effort to improve auditing efficiency by incorporating mutual environmental audits by NEC-affiliated companies and auditor education by the use of video conference and other means. The results of group environmental audits are reported to the executive officer in charge of environmental management within the JAE Group in an effort to take swift corrective actions when needed and deploy them across the entire group, and to apply the results to improving the management system.

■FY 2008 ISO 14001 Renewal Inspection
Site Strong points Citations
Category A Category B Opportunities for improvement
JAE Group 0 instances 0 instances 0 instances 22 instances

■Internal Audits in FY 2008
Category Strong points Citations
Non-complying Borderline Requests
Group environmental audit
(Including mutual audits performed by the NEC Affiliates Environmental Operations Exchange Committee)
10 instances 10 instances 49 instances 41 instances
Group environmental quality audit - 18 instances