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Environmental Report 2009

Compliance with Environmental Regulations

Global environmental issues are becoming more and more complex, and regulations concerning the environment are expanding each year, both in Japan and overseas. Society is taking a harsher view of regulatory violations year by year, and there is a strong demand for companies to conduct their business in good faith. In short, business must always be fair, ethical, and in compliance with the law.
Regulatory compliance has long been a top priority for the JAE Group, which has established a management structure tasked with overseeing corporate ethics and providing internal education and training on the importance of total compliance.
The JAE Group continually monitors changing trends in environmental regulations and implements risk prevention initiatives to avoid exceeding regulatory values and prevent failures to meet regulatory obligations. It also conducts drills to prepare employees to minimize environmental damage in the event of an accident.


●Compliance with Environmental Regulations

The JAE Group has some 50 environmentally related regulations on record for which compliance status must be constantly ascertained.
The group periodically checks official gazettes from local and national government for revisions to the regulations it has on record and updates its regulations register as necessary. And at least once a year, it conducts a study on the compliance status for mandatory notifications and reports.


●Complying with Stricter Voluntary Standards for Air and Water Quality

Air Pollution Control Law
Water Pollution Control Law
Sewerage Law
Municipal ordinances
The JAE Group has set its own voluntary standards for air and water quality, which are 20% stricter than the regulatory values in the Japanese laws and regulations listed at Left.

The JAE Group employs an automatic continuous measurement system to monitor wastewater for the highly toxic chemicals cyanide and hexavalent chromium. 

Monitoring unit for  
Measurement unit
for  hexavalent

●Compliance Record for Fiscal 2008

In fiscal 2008, the JAE Group received no compliance-related notices or orders from government authorities for exceeding regulatory values in areas such as gas emissions, water discharge, noise and vibration.