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Environmental Report 2009

Environmental Activity History

1960s 1961(April)

Completed plant (present day JAE Akishima Plant) in beautiful, green Akishima

Installed plating wastewater processing system

1970s 1970

Established Pollution Countermeasures HQ


Installed integrated sewage treatment system (JAE Akishima Plant)


Launched Environmental Safety Management Center (JAE Akishima Plant)

Established Environmental Safety Assessment Committee

Implemented rationalization measures for rinse water according to groundwater pumping regulations, etc. (water conservation)

1980s 1983

Established a register of chemical substances used in Akishima region


Commenced discharge of plating wastewater and sewage after completion of sewer system in Akishima-shi (JAE Akishima Plant)


Established CFC Countermeasure Committee

1990s 1990

Launched Environmental Management Division (JAE Akishima Plant)

Established Environmental Management Committee rules

Established rules for preventing and controlling air pollution

Established rules relating to preventing pollution


Started campaign to use less paper and recover used paper

Launched Environmental Measure Assembly for JAE subsidiaries

Commenced use of recycled paper companywide


Established JAE Environmental Charter (present day Environmental Policy of the JAE Group)


Established Action Plan for Environmental Management at JAE

Commenced environmental auditing


Established product assessment guidelines

Commenced control and ordering management for poisonous and deleterious chemical substances


Launched Preparatory Committee for Acquiring ISO 14001 Certification


ISO 14001 certification acquired at Akishima Plant


Commenced lead-free activities

2000s 2000

Completed acquisition of ISO 14001 certification at four domestic production subsidiaries

Commenced activities for reducing use of materials that cause global warming

Merged Environmental Management Division th Production Support and Environmental Planning Division

Commenced zero emissions activities


ISO 14001 certification acquired by JAE Taiwan, Ltd.

Commenced green purchasing and green procurement activities


Commenced activities for reducing paper usage

ISO 14001 certification acquired by JAE Wuxi Co., Ltd.


ISO 14001 certification acquired by JAE Philippines, Inc.

ISO 14001 certification acquired by JAE Oregon, Inc.

ISO 14001 certification acquired by JAE Wujiang Co., Ltd.


Established Environmental Advisor system

Established JAE Group Forest

ISO 14001 certification acquired by JAE Hong Kong, Ltd.


ISO 14001 certification at Japanese group companies switched to multi-site system


Completed overhaul of pipeline carrying fluorine waste fluid (JAE Akishima Plant)


Commenced REACH-Compliance WG activities in January