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Environmental Report 2009

Group Sites (Japan/Overseas)

This page provides an introduction to the FY 2008 activities of a select number of group sites.

●JAE Hirosaki, Ltd. (HAE)

JAE Hirosaki has nearly achieved all four of the environmental targets and objectives it set, specifically, fighting global warming (CO2 reduction), reducing defect rates (lowering waste), reducing raw material use, and promoting green procurement. Further, in the plant buildings it has constructed, the company has installed lighting that is eco-friendly and detects when people are present, and has also introduced energy-saving glass and air-cooled heat pump chillers. The impact of these efforts is expected in FY 2009 and beyond. 
Participation in Hirosaki Neputa Festival
JAE Hirosaki participates in the Neputa Festival in order to preserve this ancient tradition, which has been designated as an important intangible cultural asset in Japan. In FY 2008, the company also made a first attempt at human power generation in which a belt attached to the rear wheel of a bicycle drove a power generator that lit up blue LED lamps that spelled out "ECO" and "JAE." The sight of the rider furiously peddling the bike was received with thunderous applause. 

●JAE Yamagata, Ltd. (YAE)

Following an energy audit at its head office plant in FY 2007, JAE Yamagata performed an energy audit at its no. 1 plant in May 2008. In addition to the energy-saving measures it has pursued thus far, the company also underwent an audit by the Energy Conservation Center in which it discovered new energy-saving activities that it could pursue. It is now pursuing a reduction of CO2 emissions. Based on audit results, measures relating to air conditioning, such as air-conditioning assistance through exhaust heat recovery and outdoor air usage, were expected to have the greatest effect, and the company immediately set out to implement them.

●JAE Fuji, Ltd. (FAE)

JAE Fuji has nearly achieved the environmental targets and objectives it set in its FY 2008 environmental management activities, specifically, reducing CO2 emissions, reducing raw material use, and promoting green procurement. In addition, while enhancing its fight against global warming, it found that updating systems associated with machine tools had a major effect on saving energy. Some measures, however, fell short of targets. 
Welcoming Students to the Experience Environmental Activities at Local Companies Program
November 5, 2008, JAE Fuji welcomed second-year students from Uenohara Junior High School as part of the Experience Environmental Activities at Local Companies Program. Five students heard a lecture from the General Affairs Manager about FAE's environmental activities. This was followed by a tour of the plant and then everyone joined in to rake up leaves on the premises. 

●JAE Shinshu, Ltd. (SAE)

JAE Shinshu has nearly achieved the environmental targets and objectives it set, specifically, fighting global warming (CO2 reduction), reducing raw material use, and promoting green procurement. The company had attempted to exceed the initial target it had already achieved for reducing raw material use, but it just barely failed to do so due to the change in the economic climate that occurred in the second half of the fiscal year. In the area of CO2 reduction, the company was able to increase the reduction effect by revising the way it operates its compressors. (A related article appears in this report on the pages that discuss the fight against global warming.)

●JAE Oregon

JAE Oregon has pursued such targets as reducing the waste generated by the plating process and reducing industrial wastewater. Along with enhancing its activities beyond what it did in the past, including introducing air knives to remove water in the plating process, the company also introduced sludge dryers for plating sludge, revised the various settings in the plating process, and reduced the amount of plating solution used. These efforts have all proven useful in reducing plating process waste.

●JAE Taiwan

JAE Taiwan has pursued activities relating to resource conservation, waste reduction, and energy conservation. Its resource conservation and waste reduction measures consisted of recovering and reusing packaging materials, while its energy conservation measures targeted a setting change in indoor temperature from 26ºC to 28ºC. Further, to improve the work environment, it implemented a no-smoking policy inside the company (special smoking areas were established).

●JAE Philippines

JAE Philippines was able to reduce daily electricity usage two-thirds by such means as decreasing the amount of electricity used for air conditioning. This was possible thanks to revisions made to the arrangement of the various areas within the plant, including the assembly lines, as part of its energy-saving measures. Finally, as part of the company's activities to give back to the local people, it has become an active participant in a variety of events, including tree planting.

●JAE Wuxi

JAE Wuxi was active in targeting resource conservation, energy conservation, and preventing pollution by chemical substances. Its energy conservation activities are particularly noteworthy because they achieved an 18% reduction from the benchmark energy amount by improving compressor ventilation, enhancing daily management of air conditioning, and rationalizing lighting usage. 
Energy-saving examples (improving compressor ventilation)

●JAE Wujang

The main targets pursued by JAE Wujang have consisted of resource conservation, energy conservation, and waste reduction. Its energy conservation measures include thorough lighting management, rationalization of compressor operation, and appropriate control of air-conditioning temperatures. These measures allowed the company to cut the cost of its electricity usage by some 270,000 yuan. 
Greening of plant site
The company is busy planting greenery within its plant site.