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Environmental Report 2009

Environmental Accounting Data

The JAE Group adopted environmental accounting in FY 2002. Quantitatively comparing the cost of environmental activities with their effects helps the group ensure efficiency.

FY 2008 Data

●Investments and R&D Costs    Unit: 1,000 yen
Item Breakdown Investment amount Cost
Cost within business area Pollution control costs Maintenance and operations, including exhaust gas-scrubbing facilities 0 5,860
Maintenance and operations, including wastewater treatment facilities 3,280 51,510
Maintenance and operations, including boiler renovation and other environment-related facilities 360 2,010
Subtotal 3,640 59,380
Global environmental protection costs Expenditures for fight against global warming 187,140 33,320
Subtotal 187,140 33,320
Recycling costs Investments and expenditures for treating/recycling industrial waste 260 50,220
Investments and expenditures for treating/recycling general waste 110 2,840
Operation of raw garbage processing machines 0 1,050
Investments and expenditures for other waste 650 160
Subtotal 1,020 54,270
Total for costs within business area 191,800 146,970
Upstream/downstream costs Expenditures for studying eco-friendliness of products and checking environmental quality 5,490 91,460
Subtotal 5,490 91,460
Management activity costs Labor expenses for dedicated environment personnel, ISO inspection expenditures, and 0 183,800
Creation of environmental reports and web pages 0 4,910
Measurement of exhaust gas, wastewater, noise, and groundwater 0 11,630
Education by position and training in emergency response 0 7,240
Cleanup and tree planting around each site 0 19,680
Subtotal 0 227,260
R&D costs R&D investments and expenditures for complying with chemical substance regulations 8,350 12,170
R&D other than the above 0 0
Subtotal 8,350 12,170
Communal activities costs Expenditures for JAE Group Forest and activities at each site that contribute to society 0 17,550
Subtotal 0 17,550
Costs for dealing with environmental destruction   0 0
Subtotal 0 0
Total 205,640 495,410

●Amount invested and R&D expenditures    Unit: 1,000 yen
Item Description Amount
Total investment for period in question Investments in deployment of equipment for fight against global warming and other facilities, wastewater treatment facilities, and compliance with chemical substance regulations etc. 205,640
Total R&D expenditures for period in question Compliance with chemical substance regulations and other R&D man-hours etc. 12,170
Data source JAE Group sites in Japan
Adopted guideline, etc. 2002 edition of Environmental Accounting Guidelines issued by Japan's Ministry of the Environment
Target period April 1, 2008 to March 31, 2009
Data criteria:
  • All sums are rounded off to the nearest 1,000 yen.
  • All costs (excluding R&D) that are prorated as environmental activities out of all labor expenditures at environment-dedicated divisions and labor expenditures at other divisions are aggregated into management activities costs. Labor costs that may also be applicable to the following costs are also included.
    1. Pollution control costs
    2. Recycling costs
    3. Communal activities costs
  • R&D costs are posted as total amounts without any prorating as to whether they were related to environmental activities.