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Environmental Audits

The domestic multi-site environmental management system (*use the cursor to view definition) received an inspection, in accordance with the ISO 14001: 2004 version, for the tenth time following the acquisition of multi-site certification in August 2005. Since fiscal 2013, sales locations have been introducing remote audits using teleconferencing systems to achieve greater audit efficiency.

To determine if the environmental management system is properly conducted and maintained, the JAE Group regularly carries out internal environmental audits. Environment quality audits are also carried out to monitor the control of chemical constituents in the JAE Group's product designs and manufacturing processes.

●Results of ISO 14001 periodical audit

In fiscal 2015, the ISO 14001 certification of JAE's environmental management system was renewed. Based on the ISO 14001: 2004 standard, the entire system was audited for compliancy, effectiveness, and appropriateness within the scope of certification. JAE will continue to strive to further link environmental activities with its main business, aiming to make its activities even more effective and efficient. 
Sites Good points Citations
Category A Category B Opportunities for improvement
JAE Group, JAE, HAE, and YAE sites 2 instances 0 instances 0 instances 17 instances

●Results of Periodical Environmental Internal Audit

Fiscal 2015's periodical environmental internal audit was conducted with an emphasis placed on "legal compliance and other required categories of identifying, referencing and adherence processes," as well as "status with regard to processes to identify and respond to emergencies and other situations," based on the previous audit's results. The result of this audit found one item not in compliance, and corrective action was taken and completed.

In addition, the legal check sheet introduced two years ago lists up points for items related to on-site facilities and other areas, and has served to maintain and raise the level of knowledge of both the auditors and the audited.

Issues and points to evaluate that are common to each site are shared horizontally across the entire Group, further raising the level of management.
Sites Points to
Non-compliant Borderline Requests
JAE Group and all sites 14 instances 1 instances 23 instances 45 instances

●Results of internal environment quality audits

Internal environmental quality audits are helping to standardize auditing levels through a mutual assessment system using in-house environmental advisors. Since fiscal 2015, they have also been conducted with the JAMP-published "Guidelines for the Management of Chemical Substances in Products" check sheet, newly introduced as a pre-audit. Results of the audit showed flawed operations, which were then corrected.
Site Citations
Non-compliant*1 Partially compliant*2
JAE sites (Connectors, Aerospace, UIS)
HAE, YAE, FAE, and SAE sites
1 instance 4 instance
 *1: Deemed "non-compliant" in the event that there is no rule in response to an issue, and/or operations are not conducted.
*2: Deemed "partially compliant" if in practical terms operations are satisfactorily conducted in response to an issue even when rules or a part of an operation do not meet requirements.

Photos:Fiscal 2015 ISO 14001 certification renewal

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