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Environmental Report 2016

Implementation Status of the Environmental Management System

Environmental Management System

The JAE Group pushes ahead with its daily environmental conservation activities using an environmental management system built in compliance with the ISO 14001:2004 standard. The acquisition of ISO 14001 certification is being promoted globally, and certification has already been acquired for all domestic multi-sites and overseas production sites. 

Implementation Framework

The domestic multi-site framework is comprised of the Environmental Management Liaison Committee for promoting unified environmental management activities and the Environmental Management Officer Committee and Environmental Management Committees at individual sites.
The JAE Group Environmental Management Liaison Committee, a decision-making body made up of the JAE Manager of Production Support and Environmental Planning Division and the Presidents of domestic production subsidiaries and chaired by the JAE Executive Officer in Charge of Environmental Management, deliberates upon the environmental management vision and plans for the JAE Group as a whole.

The Environmental Management Officer Committee is made up of environmental management officers from each site and chaired by the JAE Officer in Charge of Environmental Management. The committee ensures the consistency of environmental policies and medium-term plans based on the Group's environmental management vision, identifies the state of environmental targets/objectives and activity plans, and deliberates on all matters relating to environmental management.

The Environmental Management Committees of each site are the centers for day-to-day operation of the environmental management system. They monitor the achievement status of the environmental management plan, decide environmental targets and objectives, and deliberate on important environmental issues and other matters. In addition, they play a role in disseminating information on environmental awareness. They entrust the formulation of specific target values and measures for important environmental issues to specialized subcommittees formed to investigate a particular environmental issue. 

ISO 14001 Certification Status

●Situation in Japan
Since the JAE Akishima Plant first acquired ISO 14001 certification in August 1998, certification was has gradually expanded for domestic production sites. Fiscal 2005 marked the shift to a multi-site system for domestic production sites. At present, certification has been acquired for all domestic production bases, sales bases and subsidiaries included in the scope of application.

●Situation Overseas
Certification is also being acquired at JAE Group companies overseas, primarily at production sites. 

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