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Environmental Report 2015

Material Flow (Japan/Overseas)

The following mass balance chart compares the resource and energy inputs and the environmental impact (output) arising from business activities at the JAE Group's domestic sites.

Mass Balance at Domestic Production Sites

In fiscal 2014, many of our indices rose compared to the previous fiscal year on account of increased production volumes. However, by promoting the removal of boilers, we have been reducing emissions of NOx and SOx, which cause air pollution, acid rain and other problems.

Mass Balance at Overseas Production Sites

This page introduces the environmental impact of the JAE Group’s overseas production sites. In fiscal 2014 we increased the unit production of compact products. Comparing input materials against the previous fiscal year, electricity and water usage increased.

The items mentioned here differ to some extent from the classifications used for domestic production sites in Japan. For that reason, there may be cases where data is missing from some production sites.