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Environmental Report 2015

Significance of the 2015 Environmental Report

Significance of the 2015 Environmental Report

As environmental issues which we have come to face in recent years, we often hear about the immediate problems of torrential rains and heavy snows, as well as outbreaks of infectious diseases triggered by global warming. We at the JAE Group are corporate citizens that benefit from the global climate, and as such, must respond flexibly to such environmental problems. We have therefore established the JAE Group Environmental Policy (*click here to review the Environmental Policy) for Group members both in and outside of Japan, and we strive to protect the environment and prevent pollution.

Takaji Imai, Executive Officer in
Charge of Environmental
Management, JAE Group

Let us review the environmental activities we have undertaken based on such a policy.

The environmental activities we have conducted in fiscal 2014 prioritize measures to deal with global warming, and as such, we have promoted the reduction of materials and chemical substances use, bolstered green procurement and eco-friendly design, and developed activities that work to cut the volume of waste materials. We have been able to achieve our goals in each of these categories.

With our measures to combat global warming, we seek to “mitigate” issues and “adapt” impacts (*use cursor to view definitions), and the measures planned by each Group company achieved their goals. In tandem with increased revenues and productivity, total greenhouse gas emissions rose, but by putting in place energy conservation measures, we were able to substantially improve energy usage per unit (use cursor to view definition). Initiatives including starting to insulate production equipment at production sites and installing inverters on existing equipment have raised the effectiveness of energy conservation, and through the streamlining of production processes, such as with further upgrades and efficient usage of compressed air, we are endeavoring to raise our level of environmental protection. 
Takaji Imai, Executive Officer

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