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Environmental Management

At JAE, we conduct our business activities with careful consideration of environmental management, emphasizing protection of the natural environment.
Our businesses are managed with the recognition that working to address global warming is an urgent global environmental issue.

Looking back at 2013, we saw a year of enormous natural disasters, both in and outside of Japan. Every year, the impact of climate change, thought to be caused by global warming, becomes increasingly severe. We therefore believe that one of our important corporate missions is to take measures to fight global warming. All the companies of the JAE Group, while sustainably providing society with constantly improving products, strive to contribute to society by taking action that reduces the environmental impact of their business activities. 

Tsutomu Onohara, President

JAE's Environmental Activities

Within the framework of corporate social responsibility (CSR), JAE's environmental management activities start with basic proactive initiatives designed to ensure no harmful substances are emitted in the course of production activities. JAE also constantly considers how it should respond to new issues, such as biodiversity, to demonstrate responsibility toward the overall natural world, which supports and sustains humankind. The JAE Group articulates its goals and moves forward with initiatives to address these issues based on its environmental policy.

Energy usage has a huge impact when it comes to global warming. In fiscal 2013, JAE installed LED lighting at its new plant facilities and adopted efficient air conditioning systems. At existing plants, the company has moved steadily to deploy energy efficient systems. In addition, by raising the productivity of pressing, molding and plating manufacturing processes, it was able to use energy more efficiently. In the future, JAE will continue to optimize its energy usage and make all-out efforts to reduce its environmental impact.

In other environmental activities, while of course strictly adhering to environmental regulations, JAE is moving forward on initiatives with goals such as advancing green procurement, environmentally conscious product design, and the reduction of environmental pollution risks. Within this, and as a special theme in fiscal 2013, the company was able to reduce its industrial waste by 6% compared to the previous fiscal year. Given that today’s increasing volumes of industrial waste have become a general social issue, being able to keep this volume under control compared to the previous year was an important success. It was attributable to efforts such as working to effectively use and reuse resources.

Employees receive regular environmental training on energy conservation that deepens their understanding of the fight against global warming and elicits a sense of urgency. This has become integral to employees’ educational programs.

As a symbol of environmental management, this year marks the 10th anniversary of the JAE Group Forest, established in 2004 in Tokyo’s Okutama-machi. In addition to initial objectives that included forest conservation and the replenishment of groundwater, the Forest also allows employees to develop a keener environmental awareness by hosting activities related to biodiversity. The JAE Group Forest will remain a cornerstone of our educational activities.

The JAE Group will continue to produce environmentally friendly products and promote ongoing environmental activities through our social contribution initiatives, and we would like to ask for your support in these efforts. 

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