Lightweight Design CHAdeMO Compliant EV Charging and Discharging Connectors with Extended Current Rating

 AX01 Series, Floating Board-to-Board Connector

July 20, 2021
JAE has launched the KW1C Series and KW02C Series, compact, lightweight design CHAdeMO1 compliant EV charging and discharging connector with an extended current rating, to add to the lineup.

In support of an accelerating global trend toward decarbonization the electrification of entire mobility systems, including advancement of passenger vehicles, and the EV charging infrastructure is to expanding into the future. EVs are also starting to function as major power sources in way of smart grids, including renewable energy, and V2X2 that enables charging and discharging between power grids and homes.

EV chargers are found in many areas, such as homes, offices, stores, bus terminals and along highways, and the requirements for EV chargers are becoming increasingly diverse. They need to be compact enough to be installed in small spaces and easy to use by people of all ages, and have a larger current capacity to enable faster charging.

To cater to these demands, we have released the KW1C Series and KW02C Series connectors with cables for EV charging stations and charging/discharging systems. These EV connectors are approximately 20% lighter3 than conventional products.
The KW1C Series for quick chargers and V2X are based on the proven legacy KW1 Series design. By using resin materials for the outer shell they are lighter and more compact that contributes to greater ease of handling.
Likewise, the KW02C Series for V2X, in addition to being compact, are capable of outputting up to 37A, meeting the need for extended current rating.
We are in constant development of diverse EV charging and discharging connectors to expand our KW Series lineup.
KW Series image

KW Series Lineup







Applicable Devices

KW1 KW1 CHAdeMO 1.2
125A 500VDC UL/CE CE:-30~+50℃
Fast Charger
KW1C CHAdeMO 2.0
V2H Guideline 2.1
MAX 150A4 500VDC CE CE:-30~+50℃ Fast Charger
V2G(Vehicle to Grid)
KW02 KW02 CHAdeMO 1.2
V2H Guideline 2.1
25A 450VDC CE CE:-30~+50℃ V2G(Vehicle to Grid)
V2H(Vehicle to Home)
V2L(Vehicle to Load)
KW02C CHAdeMO 2.0
V2H Guideline 2.1
MAX 37A4 500VDC CE CE:-30~+50℃ V2G(Vehicle to Grid)
V2H(Vehicle to Home)
V2L(Vehicle to Load)
KW03 KW03 CHAdeMO 1.2
V2H Guideline 2.1
80A 500VDC UL/CE CE:-30~+50℃
Medium-speed Charger
V2G(Vehicle to Grid)


  • CE certified
  • JCS compatible (for KW02C Series only)
  • CHAdeMO compliant
  • Compliant with Electric Vehicle Charging and Discharging System Guidelines
  • Highly reliable design using environment-withstanding materials
  • Compact and high-strength design contributing to weight reduction
  • Compatible with high-output charge/discharge systems

Applicable Market

Quick Charger (CHAdeMO protocol)
V2X (CHAdeMO protocol)2
V2X (CHAdeMO protocol)2

General Specifications




Number of Contacts Power supply (power): 2 pos., power supply (12V): 2 pos., signal: 6 pos.
Rated Current Power supply (power): 150A max.4
Power supply (12V): 6.4A, signal: 2A)
Power supply (power): 37A max.4
Power supply (12V): 6.4A, signal: 2A)
Rated Voltage Power supply (power): DC500V, power supply (12V)/Signal: DC16V max.
Insulation Resistance 100MΩ min.
Dielectric Withstanding Voltage AC3,000V for 1 minute
Durability 10,000 times
Insertion Force 100N max.
Operating Temperature Range -30℃~+50℃
1 CHAdeMO is a brand name of the fast charger protocol proposed as a standard specification by the CHAdeMO Association.
2 V2X (Vehicle to X) is a generic term for V2G (Vehicle to Grid), V2H (Vehicle to Home), V2L (Vehicle to Load), and others.
3 Weight ratio of the connector excluding the cable.
4 Depending on temperature range.
5 Charging protocol proposed as a standard by CharIN e.V. (Charging Interface Initiative).  

Information and details given here are as of the date of publication. Please note that the details may be changed.