New Variation: JL10/W Series Outdoor Environmentally Resistant Circular Connector

June 20, 2023

Japan Aviation Electronics Industry (JAE) has released additional variations to the JL10/W Series outdoor environmentally resistant circular connector for equipment installed outdoors, such as base stations.

JL10/W Series

Base stations currently serve critical roles in the proliferation of 5G communication services and are commonly installed outdoors, usually in high places. Because of this, connectors that are used in base stations must be resilient in the outdoor environment, require effortless operation, and offer secure mating. In response to field feedback, JAE equipped the JL10/W Series with high mating and unmating capabilities for use in equipment installed outdoors.
The JL10/W Series connectors are IP67 rated water and dustproof, and use a special electro-deposition coating on the outer components for high environmental durability. The connectors feature outstanding ease of operation and allow for reliable mating with a one-touch mate and lock mechanism.
In addition to the conventional contact pin arrangement, 22-22, we have added a variation with a new contact arrangement, 22-A3. We will continue to respond to a wide variety of market needs by developing new connectors such as this to add to our existing product lineup.


  • One-touch bayonet lock
  • Mating position guide marks allow visual confirmation of complete mating, increasing reliability

Applicable Devices and Markets

  • Base stations
  • Other outdoor equipment

Contact Arrangement and General Specifications

Contact Arrangement Conventional Product, 22-22 New Product, 22-A3
Contact Arrangement
Size x Number of Contacts #8×4 #8×3
Rated Current 46 A/position 46 A/position
Rated Voltage 500VAC 500VAC
Over-Voltage Category
Pollution Level 2 2
Dielectric Withstanding Voltage 2000 VAC (1 minute) 2000 VAC (1 minute)
Insulation Resistance 1000 MΩ min. (DC 500V energized) 1000 MΩ min. (DC 500V energized)
Waterproof Performance IP67 IP67
Connection Method
Receptacle: Solder
Plug: Solder or Crimp
Receptacle: Solder
Plug: Crimp
Durability 500-cycles 500-cycles



Component Material/Finishes
Contact Copper Alloy / Silver plating
Ground / Earth Pin Copper Alloy / Nickel plating
Front Insulator Silicone rubber
Rear Insulator Synthetic resin
Shell Aluminum Alloy / Electrodeposition
Retaining Ring Copper Alloy / Zinc plating

Straight Plug

Component Material/Finishes
Endbell Aluminum Alloy / Electrodeposition
Set Screw Stainless steel
O-ring Synthetic rubber
Retaining Ring Copper Alloy / Zinc plating
Wave Spring Stainless steel
C Type Ring Stainless steel
Contact Copper Alloy / Silver plating
Front Insulator Synthetic resin
Rear Insulator Synthetic resin
Assembly Nut Aluminum Alloy / Electrodeposition
Coupling Nut Aluminum Alloy / Electrodeposition
Barrel Aluminum Alloy / Electrodeposition

Information and details given here are as of the date of publication. Please note that the details may be changed.