JAE Releases WP86SD Series Board-to-board (FPC) Connector with 8A Power Supply Terminals and Staggered 0.25 mm Contact Pitch

December 26, 2023

JAE has developed and released the WP86SD Series, the industry’s first(*) compact stacking type board-to-board (FPC) connector equipped with an 8A power supply terminal for compact devices such as smartphones, wearable equipment, and ICT devices such as gaming PCs.

*As of December 2023, according to JAE research. As a board-to-board connector for compact ICT equipment

WP86SD Series Board-to-board (FPC) Connector


In compact devices such as smartphones and wearable devices, circuit boards are becoming more dense, leaving less space for internal components such as connectors. At the same time, power consumption is rapidly increasing due to the popularization of USB Type-C fast charging and high speed 5G communication, creating a demand for high current support.
To meet these market needs, JAE has developed and released the board-to-board (FPC) connector WP86SD Series in which we have achieved miniaturization by adopting a staggered Quad-Row array (4 row array) with a contact pitch of 0.25 mm and a soldering pitch of 0.5 mm, while also equipping the industry’s first 8 A power hold down terminal.

2 layer FPC compatible Quad-Row array connector that achieves both miniaturization and ease of use for customers
To meet the demand for miniaturization, the WP86SD Series uses a Quad-Row array in which the terminal surface mount pads that are conventionally arranged in 2 rows are spread into 4 rows. When the contact pitch is reduced in a Quad-Row arrangement, typically a multilayer FPC is required to route the traces from the inner-row of terminals, causing the trace routing to become more complex and significantly increasing the cost of the FPC.
To address this issue, this product uses a contact pitch of 0.25 mm to reduce the external size of the connector while using a staggered arrangement in which the terminal orientation is alternated to the inner and outer row. By doing so, we have ensured a soldering pitch of 0.5 mm for each of the 4 rows, which enables the traces of inner-row terminals to be routed in a single layer. The WP86SD series aims to offer the smallest size product which still supports surface trace routing on inexpensive 2 layer FPC’s.  
WP86SD Series Board-to-board (FPC) Connector
WP86SD Series Board-to-board (FPC) Connector
Industry’s first 8A power supply hold down terminal (more than twice the current capacity compared to conventional products)
Board-to-board (FPC) connectors of existing products typically only allow 3A of current to flow through the power supply hold down terminal, and if the current capacity is insufficient, the signal terminal can be used to share the current carrying load. However, as this increases the number of contacts in the connector, the space required for mounting also increases.
The WP86SD series is equipped with 2 power supply terminals that can deliver 8A of current, which is more than twice the current capacity of conventional products, even though the size is the same. Combined with the Quad-Row arrangement, we can reduce the length by approximately 1/2 compared to conventional products.
WP86SD Series Board-to-board (FPC) Connector


  • 0.25 mm contact pitch and 0.5 mm soldering pitch Quad-Row arrangement which is compact and easy to mount
  • Quad-Row arrangement connector compatible with lower cost 2 layer FPC’s
  • 2 power supply hold down terminals capable of delivering 8A of current, achieving both miniaturization and high current
  • Proven 2-point contact structure with high contact reliability
  • Low profile design with mated height of 0.6 mm
  • Full armor structure that prevents insulator damage and improves robustness
  • Alignment guide feature created by a metal drawing process for excellent alignment and durability
  • Excellent workability with tactile feedback when fully mated

Lineup of board-to-board (FPC) connector products

WP86SD Series Board-to-board (FPC) Connector

Applicable Markets

Application Keyword
Smartphone High density mounting, fast charging
IO board relay (high-speed transmission, large current),
High-performance camera modules, displays, etc.
Smart glass High density mounting
IO board relay, μ display, camera modules, etc.
Tablet PCs, notebook PCs, gaming
terminals, Digital cameras
High pin count・High-speed transmission, large current
IO board relay, GPU relay, wireless board relay, image
sensors, etc.
WP86SD Series Board-to-board (FPC) Connector

General Specifications

Pitch Contact pitch: 0.25 mm, Soldering pitch: 0.5 mm
Number of Contacts 80 (+2 Power)
Stacking Height 0.6mm
Operating Temperature Range −40°C to +85°C
Contact Resistance Signal terminals: 50 mΩ max (initial)
Power supply terminals: 20 mΩ max (initial)
Durability 30 cycles
Rated Current Signal terminals: 0.3A/contact for both AC and DC
Power supply terminals: 8.0A/contact for both AC and DC
Rated Voltage 50V AC/DC
Insulation Resistance 100 MΩ minimum (initial)
Dielectric Withstanding Voltage AC 250 V rms.


Component Material/Finish
Copper alloy/Gold plating
Insulator Heat-resistant plastic
Copper alloy/Gold plating

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Information and details given here are as of the date of publication. Please note that the details may be changed.