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Superior High-frequency Performance Covering Up To 65GHz "CP03 Series"SMPM Coaxial Connector Has Been Developed


JAE has developed the new "CP03 Series" connector, a MIL-STD-348A standard compliant SMPM coaxial connector that features superior high-frequency performance covering the frequency band up to 65GHz.

Along with the increasing volume of communication network data due to the growth in mobile broadband and internet service, the transmission speed of communication devices is shifting from the now mainstream 10Gbps to 40Gbps and 100Gbps. There is also growing demand for high-speed signal compatible connectors for the electrical signal interface.

The CP03 Series from JAE answers these needs. The CP03 Series connector is an end-launch type (mounted on the edge of the board) 4-row plug receptacle with jack adapters for connection, and there are plans to later expand the connector variety to also include a harness type.

*SMPM ---- a standard for coaxial connectors stated in the MIL standard.

:: Features


MIL-STD-348A compliant, ultra compact coaxial connector.
Compatible with the high-frequency band up to 65GHz.
Floating connection between boards is made possible by 3-part mating configuration consisting of
a pair of plug receptacles and jack adapters.
Push-on lock method for easy mating and unmating.

:: Applicable market


Optical communication devices, measuring devices, wireless devices, high-frequency modules, etc.


:: General specifications

  Characteristic Impedance : 50 ohms
  Operating Frequency : up to 65GHz
  VSWR :

1.5 (max.) up to 65GHz

  Rated Voltage : 160V AC r.m.s.
  Insulation Resistance : 5000M ohms min.
  Dielectric Withstand Voltage: : 500V AC r.m.s. / per minuet
  Operating Temperatur : -55 Deg. C + 125 Deg. C
Mating Cycle : 100 times


:: Materials and Finishes



  Plug Receptacle Jack Adapter

Center Conductor

Brass / Au plating over Ni

Beryllium copper / Au plating over Ni

Outer Conductor

Brass / Au plating over Ni

Beryllium copper / Au plating over Ni


Teflon (PTFE)

Teflon (PTFE)


Information and details given here are as of the date of publication. Please note that the details may be changed.

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