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Light Weight Realized with Resin-made Hood Half-pitch (1.27mm) Interface Connector "DF02 Series" Has Been Developed

DF02 series
Along with the advancement of the devices in the industrial market, there is a growing demand for connectors that have compatibility with environment resistance, miniaturization, weight and cost saving.
To meet these demands, JAE has now developed the half-pitch interface connector DF02 Series.
The DF02 Series realizes light weight by using a resin-made hood and also has sufficient measures against EMI with Ni plating shielding.
Furthermore, it has a superior operability by using a one-touch lock method.

:: Features

  • Receptacle

  • Dual use specifications with one-touch lock and screw-lock
  • Structure that prevents short circuit with foreign substances by covering the terminals with a cover.
  • Improved resistance against twisting with a hook integrated with the shell.
  • Plug

  • Miniaturization, weight and cost saving realized by using resin for hood material. Also it has sufficient measures against EMI with Ni plating shielding.
  • Excellent workability with two-unit structure hood and superior reparability with latch lock method.
  • Available in IDC type (28AWG to 30AWG) for labor-saving in termination works.
  • Shorter harness working time with an original design.

:: Applicable market


Machine tools, servo amplifiers, robots, semi-conductor manufacturing devices, communication devices, measuring devices, broad casting devices, and others.


:: Line-up

Item Line-up
Receptacle Plug
Pin Count Variation  14 pos., 20 pos.,26 pos., 36 pos., 50 pos.  14 pos., 20 pos., 26 pos., 36 pos., 50 pos., 68 pos.
 Termination Variation  Through-hole  Soldering (compatible up to 22AWG)
 IDC (28AWG to 30AWG)

:: General specifications

  Rated Current : 0.5A / 1pos.
  Rated Voltage : AC250Vr.m.s.
  Contact Resistance : 35m ohms max. (initial)
Variance ± 25m ohms max. (after test)
  Insulation Resistance
: Individual connector 100M ohms min. (initial)
10M ohms min. (after test)
  Dielectric Withstanding Voltage
: Individual connector AC500Vr.m.s. (initial)
AC300Vr.m.s. (after test)
  Operating Temperature : -20 Deg. C + 80 Deg. C

:: Materials and Finishes

Part Part Materials / Finishes
Receptacle Insulator 9TNY
Locator 9TNY
Rug Steel / Ni Plating
Shell Steel / Sn Plating
Nut Stainless Steel
Contact Copper Alloy / Au plating on contact area
Plug Plug Individual Unit Insulator 6-6NY
Contact Copper alloy / Au plating on contact area
Shell Steel / Ni plating
Cover (Note 1) PBT
Hood Hood A ABS / Ni plating
Hood B ABS / Ni plating
Lock Spring Stainless Steel
Nut Steel / Ni plating
Fixing Screw Steel / Ni plating
Clamp Plate Clamp Plate Steel / Ni plating

Note 1:  A cover is not included in a soldering type plug individual unit.


Information and details given here are as of the date of publication. Please note that the details may be changed.

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