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Lowest-in-class-height 2.8mm Profile, High-speed transmission Compatible, "DD4 Series" Docking Connector Has Been Developed

DD4 series
Along with the diffusion of slim notebook PC and tablet PC, there is a growing demand for compact, slim, and high-speed compatible docking connectors.
To meet these demands, JAE has now developed the DD4 Series general-purpose outer interface connector compatible with high-speed signal transmission such as USB 3.0, DisplayPort™(Note), and SATA Gen2.
The DD4 Series realizes 2.8mm profile which is the lowest height in the industry as a receptacle side connector and enhances design flexibility.
It can be used not only for connection of notebook PC with cable dock, and connection of tablet area with keyboard of tablet PC but for other various high-speed connections.

Note) DisplayPort™ is a trademark of Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA).

:: Features

  • Compatible with high-speed transmission such as USB 3.0, DisplayPort™, and SATA Gen2.
  • Pitch between terminals is 0.4mm, realized low profile (2.8mm mounting height) by placing connector in one row.
  • Realizes industries-lowest-in-class height 2.8mm (receptacle) and enhances design flexibility for customers.
  • Enhanced twisting resistance at insertion and removal through equipping a guide rail.
  • First-to-mate-last-to-break connection structure is used for power pin of receptacle side connector and insertion / removal while conducting electricity is possible.
  • Exclusive power pin (No.1, No.40) is possible to comply with electrical current applied up to 1.1A max.
  • Plug side connector is available in 2 types: cradle type and cable type and connection type can be selected due to the customer's device.
  • Available in embossed tape reel packaging for automated mounting.

:: Applicable market

  Notebook PC, tablet PC, portable game players, set top boxes, and others.

:: General specifications

  No. of Contacts : 40 positions
  Contact Pitch : 0.4mm
  Operating Temperature : -25 Deg. C + 75 Deg. C
  Rated Current
0.1A / 1 pin (signal pin)
1.1A / 1 pin (power pin)
  Contact Resistance
55m ohms max. (initial)
75m ohms max. (after various tests)
  Dielectric Withstanding Voltage  : AC300Vr.m.s. (for 1 minute)
  Durability : 5,000 times

Information and details given here are as of the date of publication. Please note that the details may be changed.