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New Versions Added to the "DF02 Series" of Industrial I/O Connectors

New Versions DF02 series of Industrial I/O Connectors supplied by JAE electronics

JAE has increased the variety of available options for the DF02 Series family of connectors. The DF02 series is an interface connector that is compatible with the half-pitch (1.27mm) standard used in the industrial equipment market.


JAE manufactures and sells this EMI-resistant, compact, and light weight connector series, which features a plastic hood with a nickel plating finish. The DF02 Series was developed to meet the growing need for environmental resistant, small, light, and cost-saving connectors for use in advanced industrial equipment.


Now a version with a non-nickel plated hood has been developed to add to the DF02 Series line-up. The hood was developed with customer usability in mind. The hood design prevents breaking from over-tightened screws, ensure a ground connection between devices with an integrated ground bar, and offers exceptional workability and quality.


  • Ground plate in the hood ensures ground connection.
  • Harness workability is improved by the hood temporary positioning structure.
  • Workability is improved by the assembly nut integrated in the hood.
  • A spacer on the mating screw prevents breakage and distortion of hood from excess tightening of screw.

Applicable Markets

Factory automation equipment, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, communication devices, and broadcasting devices.

General Specifications

No. of Contacts Plug: 14, 20, 26, 36, 50 positions
Pitch 1.27 mm
Rated Current 0.5A per position
Rated Voltage AC250 Vr.m.s
Contact Resistance 35m ohms max. (initial)
Variance ± 25m ohms max. (after test)
Insulation Resistance Individual Connector: 100M ohms min. (initial)
10M ohms min. (after test)
Dielectric Withstanding Voltage Individual Connector: AC500Vr.m.s. (initial)
AC300Vr.m.s. (after test)
Operating Temperature Range -20 Deg. C ~ +80 Deg. C

Materials and Finishes

Product Item Material and Finish
Plastic Hood

Hood (plastic)

Glass filled PC

Lock Spring

Stainless Steel / Glass filled PC
Screw Lock Stainless Steel

Clamp A

Stainless Steel
Clamp B Stainless Steel / Ni plating
Nut Steel / Ni plating
Hood set screw Steel / Ni plating

Clamp set screw

Steel / Ni plating

Existing Products
Product Part Material and Finish




Lug Steel / Ni plating


Steel / Sn plating
Nut Brass / Ni plating
Contact Copper alloy / Au plating on contact area
Individual Plug Insulator 6-6NY
Contact Copper alloy / Au plating on contact area
Shell Steel / Ni plating
Cover (Note) PBT
EMI Shielded Hood Hood A (EMI shielded)
ABS / Ni plating
Hood B (EMI shielded)
ABS / Ni plating
Lock Spring Stainless Steel
Nut Steel / Ni plating
Set Screw Steel / Ni plating
Clamp Plate Clamp Plate Steel / Ni plating

Information and details given here are as of the date of publication. Please note that the details may be changed.