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New "TX24A / 25A Series" 1.27mm Pitch High-speed Transmission Board-to-Board Connector Has Been Developed

TX2425A series 1.27mm Pitch High-speed Transmission
Board-to-Board Connectors supplied by JAE electronics
JAE has developed the new TX24A / 25A Series, a higher-speed version of the popular 1.27mm pitch TX24 / 25 Series board-to-board internal connector used in industrial equipment.

The amount of the data processed in various office automation and communication equipment such as multi-function printers and routers is ever increasing, with internal signaling now supporting DisplayPort1, PCI Express2, and other high-speed transmission.

The TX24A / 25A Series is an 80 contact, 1.27mm pitch, horizontal mating, board-to-board connector with a design that is ideal for high-speed transmission due to the improved electrical characteristics of the upper contacts.

The TX24A / 25A Series also incorporates superior features of the existing TX24 / 25 Series connectors like a strong click feeling, robustness, and high contact reliability. The connector was designed with rack-and-panel mounting in mind, and shares the same mating interface and board-mounting footprint as the existing TX24 / 25 Series. The TX24A /25A can be used as a replacement in the existing connector applications, as well as used in a wide variety of other devices.
Note 1: DisplayPort™ is a trademark of the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA).
Note 2: PCI Express is a trademark or registered trademark of PCI-SIG.


  • Footprint and mating compatibility with the existing TX24 / 25 Series.
  • Robustness and mating guide ideal for rack-and-panel mounting.
  • Click feeling ensures complete insertion.
  • High-reliability with long contact stroke length.
  • Electrical characteristics improved from TX24 / 25 Series, supporting higher-speed transmission.

  • Electrical characteristics of the upper contacts are improved. High-speed signals are arranged in the upper row.
TX24 / 25 existing product and new product. Note: Comparison data of eye-patterns of upper contacts 5.4Gbps differential signaling, two pairs are driven

Applicable Markets

Office automation equipment, broadcasting systems, measuring instruments, image display systems, etc.

General Specifications

Number of Contacts 80 positions
Contact Resistance 40m ohms max. (initial)
Dielectric Withstanding Voltage A.C500Vr.m.s for 1 minute (initial)
Rated Current 1.0A per pin
Insulation Resistance 100M ohms min. (initial)
Mating Cycles 500 times
Operating Temperature Range -40 Deg. C ~ +85 Deg. C

Materials and Finishes

Component Material and Finish
Insulator Glass filled PBT
Contact Copper alloy /
Contact area: 0.1µm min. Au plating over Ni
Terminal area: Sn plating over Ni
Hook Pin Copper alloy / Sn plating over Ni
Locator Glass filled PBT

Information and details given here are as of the date of publication. Please note that the details may be changed.

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