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Waterproof Rectangular Connector KN01 Series for Industrial Equipment Has Been Released

KN01 series waterproof Rectangular Connector

JAE has developed and begun production of the KN01 Series, waterproof rectangular connector. The KN01 Series is ideal for industrial equipment, such as robotics, automated machinery and machine tools, which require environmental resilience.


There is a constant requirement for production facilities to run at their maximum efficiency. JAE recognizes the growing trend for these facilities to use robotics and factory automation, to improve productivity, production quality and to save on labor costs. In addition to the use of conventional large fixed machinery, use of compact lightweight production machinery that can easily correspond to system and layout changes based on the production situation is a growing trend.


Along with these growing trends, there are demands for connectors that are not only compact and lightweight, but with improved engagement operability, less wiring, and countermeasures against noise accompanied by these features.


The KN01 Series is a waterproof, lightweight, high-density rectangular connector with a great variety of wiring variation and superior operability. The insulator being a block style with an insert structure that can be customized to comply with various pin counts offers a great flexibility to meet broad customer demands. Having an insulator for signal with EMI shielding as an option in the lineup, the KN01 Series can also be used as a complex connector installing the wire for signal and power in the same connector.


KN01 Series' engagement lever adopts a rack and pinion system that allows for low operation force and enables easy one hand mating and unmating. By using aluminum die casting for the outer shell, lightweight and high radiation performance is offered while maintaining its robustness.


In addition to diversifying production equipment such as robotics, automatic machineries, and machine tools, the KN01 Series I/O connector can be used for a wide range of general devices that require multi-contact wiring, withstand vibration, while being waterproof.

                   Large Driving Force          Light Operation Force

KN01 connector

Rack and Pinion System Mating / Unmating


  • Rack and pinion system lever structure allows for little operating force for engagement.
  • Enhanced safety where the lever is stationary before mating and dual lock to prevent incorrect operation after mating.
  • Arrangement of insulator block, with insertion orientation selection (pin or socket insert can be selected based on application requirement), allows for suitable pin counts and arrangement.
  • Insulator with EMI noise control shielding as an option in the lineup, to be allow combined use of power and signal lines in a single unit.
  • Aluminum outer shell, lightweight and high-density with press made contacts.
  • Achieves high cable retention force with a clamp saddle thread fastening.

:: Applicable Markets

Factory automation equipment, such as robotics, automation machineries and other machine tools, requiring environmental resilience.
Industrial devices, communication devices, medical equipment and general devices requiring mutli-contact wiring connection.
Industrial equipment, communication devices, rail car and ground-level construction that require vibration resistance and waterproofing.

:: Specifications

Connector size M size L Size
Insulator Block Configuration Block A: 1 pc. & B: 3 pcs. Block C: 6 pcs.

Number of Contacts (Maximum Number of contacts)

Power Supply #16×16 pos. / block A (16 pos.) #12×12 pos. / block C (72 pos.)
Signal #20×16 pos. / block B (48 pos.) #20x18 pos. / block C (108 pos.)
#22x50 pos. / block C (300 pos.)
(With Shield)
#20x14 pos. / block B (42 pos.)
(With Shield)
#20x18 pos./ block C (108 pos.)
Rated Current / Rated Voltage #16: 16A / 250VAC
#20: 3A / 24VDC
#12: 23A / 250VAC
#20: 3A / 24VDC
#22: 1A / 24VDC
Power Supply 1500VAC for 1 minute 1500VAC for 1 minute
Signal 500VAC for 1 minute 500VAC for 1 minute
Insulation Resistance 1000M ohms MIN. (Power : 500VDC applied, Signal : 100VDC applied)
Durability 100 times
Cable Retention Force 300 N min.
Operating Temperature Range -20 Deg.C to +105 Deg.C
Waterproof IP67 (when mated)
Standard Certification TÜV(EN60521), cUL(UL1977)
Note) #12, #16, #20, #22 is contact size.
The Insulator is available in 3 types; block A, block B, block C, and the size for each of them are different.  

Information and details given here are as of the date of publication. Please note that the details may be changed.