MX79A Series High-Speed Transmission Connectors for In-vehicle ICT Devices Has Been Developed

MX79A Series High-Speed Transmission Connectors for In-vehicle ICT Devices

JAE has developed the miniaturized MX79A Series connectors for high-speed transmission between in-vehicle information and communication technology (ICT) units such as camera ECU.

Recently, multi-function and high-performance ICT in the automotive market has been progressing rapidly. A greater number of incorporated camera units, is expected to be required to support new technologies such as ADAS and autonomous driving. These advances have resulted in an increase in the volume of information, and high-definition digitalization. Therefore, there are demands for space-saving high-speed transmission compatible connectors, to help connect the increasing number of installed units.

To cater to these trending requirements, we have developed the MX79A Series connectors for high-speed transmission.

The MX79A Series is ideal for use in combination with our recently launched automotive camera connector MX55J Series, with the MX79A Series supporting the ECU side connections. It achieves a 30% reduction of mounting space compared to our existing MX49A Series while meeting the high speed and reliability requirements for in-vehicle units.

For automotive camera applications, the installed camera is far from the camera ECU. To correspond with this situation, our harnessed products (MX55J to MX79A) have proven results for supporting 1.5Gbps differential transmission (LVDS) at lengths of 15m. (Note 1)

Furthermore, four mating key variations are available to prevent mis-mating, allowing for multiple connections to be used for the same module.

Note 1) Depending on conditions such as the semi-conductor and cable used.
Note 2) The plug connector for this product is sold only as a cable harness and is not provided as an individual connector.


ECU: Electronic Control Unit


  • Transmission characteristic compatible with LVDS differential signals
  • 4 contacts in total; 2 pos. for differential signal (1 pair) + 2 pos. for camera power supply
  • Available as a complete harness to ensure transmission performance reliability.
    Mechanical lock and structure to resist twist force when mated.
  • Mis-insertion prevention key
  • Realizes high retention strength while maintaining small size.
  • Compatible with STQ cables
STQ:Shielded Twisted Quad Wire

Applicable Market

In-vehicle ICT devices
In-vehicle camera ECU

General Specifications

Series MX79A
No. of Contacts 4positions
(2 pos. for signal and 2 pos. for power supply)
Applications Video signal (LVDS)
Operating Temperature Range -40°C ~ + 85°C

Materials and Finishes

Harness Connector
Components Material and Finish
Outer Housing PBT
Inner Housing 1 LCP-GF35
Inner Housing 2 LCP-GF35
Retainer PBT
Signal Terminal Copper alloy / Au plating
Ground Shell 1 Copper alloy / Sn plating
Ground Shell 2 Brass / Sn plating
Sleeve Brass / Sn plating

PCB Connector
Components Material and Finish
Housing PPS-GF40
Signal Terminal 1 Brass / Au plating
Signal Terminal 2 Brass / Au plating
Ground Shell Copper alloy / Sn plating
Ground Terminal Copper alloy / Sn plating

Information and details given here are as of the date of publication. Please note that the details may be changed.