Variation Expansion of JL10 Series, One-touch Locking Waterproof Circular Connector for Industrial Equipment

JL10 series

November 12, 2020
As a new variation of the JL10 Series, one-touch mating waterproof circular connectors, JAE has added an original contact arrangement type, which combine power supply and brake functions to improve efficiency and ease of design into servo motors for industrial robots and other applications.

Automated production lines using robots and automated machines are becoming increasingly popular to improve productivity and quality, as well to reduce requirement in manpower. As variation expand in industrial robots, such as articulated robots and collaborative robots, connectors used inside the robot are required to be more compact to satisfy space constraints while improving performance and design.

To date, the wide variety of JL10 Series connectors have been adopted by various customers and applications to interface industrial equipment. In addition to the existing MIL-DTL-5015 standard compliant shell and pin arrangements we have newly expanded the JL10 Series and launched a miniaturized original contact arrangement to add.

This product configured with a total of six positions, four for power supply and two for brake applications, while miniaturizing the connector. This is a JAE original contact arrangement, outside of the MIL standard configurations, which is housed in a shell that is one size smaller than the conventional connectors which incorporate both power supply and brake functions. This saves space around the servo motor and accommodates the increase in internal wiring of robots, and contributes to the improvement of robot design.

The receptacle uses crimp contacts for wire termination, which increases efficiency in the assembly process compared to conventional soldering method.

MIL-DTL-5015 standard: connector standard widely used in industrial applications

Size comparison with conventional products

Conventionally, a shell size larger is needed to combine power supply and brake functions into one connector. With the newly developed unique contact arrangement the shell size can be reduced to that of conventional power supply only connector.
JL10series Size comparison with conventional products

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  • Effortless operation of one-touch lock mating also provides superior vibration resistance
  • Compatible with MIL-DTL-5015 specification receptacles
  • IP67 rated waterproof structure in mated condition
  • UL recognized and TÜV approved product
  • Low-profile angled-plug can be set in 8 different orientations
  • Secure mating of the one-touch lock mating is confirmed through audible click, tactile feel and visual alignment of guide mark
  • Crimp contact termination (receptacle)
  • Compact size original combines 4 power supply contacts and 2 signal contacts

Applicable Market

Various industrial machineries such as robots, machine tools, and semiconductor manufacturing equipment

General Specifications

Contact Arrangement 18-A6 22-A6
JL10 series Contact Arrangement 18A6
JL10 series Contact Arrangement 22A6
Size x Number of Contacts #12×4
Rated Current #12:23A/pole
Rated Voltage #12:250VAC
Overvoltage Category
Pollution Level 3 3
Dielectric Withstanding Voltage #12:2000VAC
Insulation Resistance 1000MΩ min.
(DC500V energized)
1000MΩ min.
(DC500V energized)
Termination Receptacle: Crimp
Plug: Solder
Receptacle: Crimp
Plug: Solder
Applicable Wire (Receptacle) #12:AWG14

Materials and Finishes

  Components Material / Finish
Receptacle Contact Copper alloy / silver plating
Earth Pin Copper alloy / nickel plating
Front Insulator Synthetic resin
Center Insulator Synthetic rubber
Rear Insulator Synthetic resin
Shell Aluminum alloy / zinc plating
Retaining Ring Copper alloy / galvanizing
Plug Endbell Aluminum alloy / zinc plating
Set Screw Steel / zinc plating
O-ring Synthetic rubber
Retaining Ring Copper alloy / zinc plating
Wave Spring Stainless steel
C Type Ring Stainless steel
Contact Copper alloy/ silver plating
Front Insulator Synthetic resin
Rear Insulator Synthetic resin
Assembly Nut Aluminum alloy / zinc plating
Coupling Nut Aluminum alloy / zinc plating
Barrel Aluminum alloy / zinc plating

JL10 Series
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