New Variation Added to the Automotive HDMI Connector MX50 / 53 Series

the Automotive HDMI Connector MX50 / 53 Series

JAE has added new products with improved operability and design flexibility to the MX50 / 53 Series automotive HDMI Type E and Type A connectors.

Recently, many people are enjoying high-quality audio and video inside cars by connecting their portable devices and entertainment equipment using HDMI.
Therefore, connectors to meet the HDMI standards, which are also compatible with automotive vehicle-mounted specifications, are required. In addition, new vehicles have a more complex internal structure and HDMI connectors are being used in various areas of the vehicle, using various attachment methods. To cater to these needs, we have expanded our lineup of the MX50 Series connectors for in-vehicle HDMI wiring, and the MX53 Series connectors that enable HDMI connection of consumer devices.

For the MX50 Series HDMI Type E connectors, we have added four types of PCB-mounted receptacle connectors with mis-mating prevention keys, which improve the ease of installation when multiple connections are used on the same ECU module. As for the MX53 Series HDMI Type A connectors, which are used to connect with the consumer devices (brought in by the users), the options of applicable cables and mounting methods are also enhanced, as well as the cable exit direction options. Consequently, these new options enhance design flexibility of cable routing and attachment methods.

The MX50 / 53 Series are connectors that meet the HDMI requirements specified for automotive use.
This product is designed to satisfy the HDMI high-speed transmission performance while taking into account automotive use requirements, and it achieves both mechanical and environment suitability. Furthermore, for the applicable wires it features an exclusively developed shielded wire.
JAE continuously works to offer expanded product variations of in-vehicle HDMI connectors within the MX50 / 53 Series to meet the needs of our customers.

Note 1) HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) is a registered trademark of the HDMI Licensing Administrator Inc.
Note 2) ECU: Electronic control unit


  • 2-row, 19 positions
  • Impedance matching design, compatible with high-speed transmission.
  • Mechanical lock to resist twisting forces when mated. (Type E)
  • Supplied as a harness product to ensure transmission performance reliability.
Series MX50 Series MX53 Series
HDMI Type Type E Type A (mating compatibility with consumer devices)
Pitch 1.5㎜ 1.0㎜
Application Board-to-cable (for a wide-range of in-vehicle connection) For connection with personal hand-held devices and in-line connections

Applicable Market

Car navigation, car audio applications, etc.

General Specifications

Number of Contacts 19 Positions
Rated Current 0.5 A / per pos.
Contact Resistance Contact area: 30mΩ max. (variation from initial value)
Shell area: 50mΩ (variation from initial value)
Dielectric Withstanding Voltage AC500V (unmated condition)
Insulation Resistance 100 MΩ min. (unmated condition)
Applicable Board Thickness 1.6mm
Applicable Wire Shielded twisted pair cable (harness product only)
Operating Temperature Range -40˚C ~ +85˚C

Materials and Finishes

MX50 Series Receptacle connector

Components Materials / Finishes
Pin Contact Brass / Au plating (contact area), Sn plating (connection area)
Housing Parts 30% GF SPS, etc.
Shell Parts Copper alloy / Sn plating, etc.

MX50 Series Plug connector

Component Materials / Finishes
Socket contact Copper alloy / Au plating (contact area), Sn plating (connection area)
Housing Parts PBT, etc.
Shell Parts Copper alloy / Sn plating, etc.

MX53 Series Type A (in-line) connector

Component Materials / Finishes
Pin Contact Brass / Au plating
Housing Parts PBT, etc.
Shell Parts Copper alloy / Sn plating, etc.

Product Line-up

MX50 Series (Type E), Receptacle connector, MX50019NQ1,MX50A19NQ1, MX50A19NQ2, MX50A19NQ3, MX50B19NQ1, MX50 Series (Type E), MX53 Series (Type A), Plug connector, Angle in-line connector, Straight in-line connector, MX50019FQ11, MX53B19MB11, MX53C19MB1, MX53D19MB1, MX50A19NQ1, MX50A19NQ2, MX50A19NQ3, MX50B19NQ1, MX53C19MB1, MX53D19MB1, are added to the product line this time.

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