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Received 2019 “CHO” MONODZUKURI Innovative Parts and Components Award “The Encouragement Award”

Glove-Type Sensor Module for Robot Hands

December 2, 2019

 Japan Aviation Electronics Industry (JAE) received 2019 “CHO” MONODZUKURI Innovative Parts and Components Award “The Encouragement Award” sponsored by the Monozukuri Nippon Conference and the Nikkan Kogyo Newspaper for the “Glove-Type Sensor Module for Robot Hands.”

 “CHO” MONODZUKURI Innovative Parts and Components Award is intended for parts and materials that make significant contributions to the development of industry and society. In addition to machinery, electrical and electronic products, and automobiles, superior parts and materials are selected that contribute to Japanese manufacturing from fields related to the environment, health, biotechnology, medical equipment, and everyday life.

 The award-winning “Glove-Type Sensor Module for Robot Hands” is a new type of device that can equip hands of current robots with sensors. The connector that links the sensor unit with the control unit is a film-type connector (FTC: Film-Type connector), developed by our company, that allows flexible electrical connections, and can be attached and detached from robot hands. The module being introduced at this time employs a distance sensor and a pressure sensor to recognize and grip various shapes without programming.

 We will continue our research and development to produce applications for the robot market and wearable device market, which are expected to achieve further growth in the future.

 We will continue to initiate and propose innovative and creative products that will create additional value in a wide range of fields including AI and IoT and other ICT, robots and other industrial fields, as well the medical, nursing and healthcare fields. Our goal is to ensure sustainable growth and contribute to society.

【Glove-Type Sensor Module for Robot Hands】

Members of the development team at the award ceremony

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