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Donation of CO2 Reduction Credits to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government

Support for the “Zero Emission Tokyo” Initiative

October 8, 2020

Japan Aviation Electronics Industry Ltd. (JAE) have donated 12,314t worth of CO2 Reduction credits based on the Cap-and-Trade Program to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government (“TMG”) in support of “Zero Emission Tokyo”, an initiative by the TMG to make Tokyo a city that does not emit CO2.
These credits were generated through efforts by boosting the efficiency of energy utilization and introducing highly-efficient equipment in our Akishima Plant, a facility covered by the program.

*For further information on “Zero Emission Tokyo”, please refer to the following official website of the TMG Bureau of Environment.
■Tokyo Metropolitan Government Bureau of Environment official website “Zero Emission Tokyo”

Certificate of Appreciation from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government

Based on an ESG perspective, and with “Harmony with the Environment” now a part of the “JAE Group Charter of Corporate Behavior,” the JAE Group delivers products that save energy and resources to build a smarter social infrastructure and operates a next-generation environmentally responsive business by respecting the natural environment and practicing environmentally friendly business activities. Going forward, as a responsible corporate citizen that benefits from the global environment, the JAE Group is committed to reducing the environmental impact generated by its business activities, and helping to build a safe, secure, prosperous, and sustainable world.

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