KW Series EV Charging Connectors Enable an Electrified Society

Electric vehicles (EVs) are not only environmentally friendly, but also are often correlated with new self-driving technologies, which is quickly increasing their demand.
The development of charging infrastructure is essential for the widespread use of EVs, which require regular charging.As a result, installation of EV chargers is currently accelerating in many parts of the world.JAE manufactures EV charging connectors, and offers an expansive lineup that includes CHAdeMO and CCS (Combined Charging Standard) compliant products.


Market Trends in EV Charging

As the movement toward decarbonization accelerates in many countries, the electrification of mobility as a whole, including passenger cars, is progressing and as a result the EV charging infrastructure is expected to continuously expand.
What’s more is EVs are expected to play a significant role in contributing to the supply of electricity in smart grids as they function as large power storage systems that enable charging and discharging.
As the number of EVs increase the number of chargers are also expected to increase significantly. EV chargers are needed in every scene where EVs are present, such as homes, offices, urban areas, bus terminals, and highways. As chargers are being installed in various locations, needs are diversifying. such as the need for smaller, easier to handle, and higher output (faster charging), are becoming increasingly important.


JAE's Approach to EV Charging

The first product, KW1 series, is a fast charging connector conforming to CHAdeMO standards and has a long field track record since its market launch in 2011 and is widely used in various parts of the world.The KW02/KW03 series are compact and lightweight products while ensuring high reliability based on the field experience with KW1, and they also meet the V2H guidelines established by CHAdeMO.In the future, we aim to further enhance our EV charging connector family, developing products that are compatible not only with CCS but also with new charging standards such as NACS and Chaoji.

JAE's Variety in EV Charging – KW Product Lineup


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KW Series Connector Catalog Download

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